10 Things to Eat For Strong Nails

Whether you prefer long or short nails, we can all agree that our first priority is to keep our nails healthy. Your hands and nails become dehydrated and weaker than usual during the winter months. In fact, we have received many inquiries from new members of our community with concerns about nails peeling, brittle, peeling, chipping, breaking and even bending.

Our first recommendation in your journey to strong and healthy nails is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water daily. Hydration starts from the inside out, but there are other things we can do to help our skin as soon as possible. We recommend nourishing your hands, cuticles and nail beds with a cuticle serum. Get rid of any harsh chemicals you might use on your nails, such as acetone, which will also greatly affect the health of your nails! Our soy polish remover is a gentle and effective alternative to conventional acetone based products.

Now, if you’ve done all these steps and you’re wondering how you can make lasting changes to strengthen your nails, the answer is simple: vitamins and nutrients. ! There are many delicious plant-based foods that are key to strong and healthy nails. We’ve rounded up 10 nutrient-dense foods that you can start adding to your diet today for perfect nails:

  1. Walnuts
    Walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are amazing at keeping our skin and nails moisturized. Try adding walnuts to a hearty salad or into a baked treat to prevent weak and dry nails.
  2. Red Bell Peppers
    When you think of vitamin C, oranges and other citrus fruits probably come to mind. While citrus fruits are a source of vitamin C, red bell peppers have twice as much vitamin C as an orange! Vitamin C is needed for our bodies to produce collagen, which is responsible for the health and strength of our hair, skin, and nails. Red bell peppers are amazing on their own, roasted, or stuffed. The delicious and nutritious possibilities are endless!
  3. Chickpeas
    Chickpeas are a good source of zinc. Zinc is essential for cell growth in our bodies. Without it, we can start to experience very brittle nails and sometimes even those little white spots on our nail beds. Chickpeas are so good on their own or as hummus!
  4. Avocado
    We’ve probably all heard of biotin, especially in the form of a supplement. Biotin is vital for strong and healthy nail growth. Did you know that avocados are a source of this important vitamin? And the good news is that they are an amazing addition to almost any meal!
  5. Dark Green Veggies
    In terms of vitamins and nutrients, it’s no surprise that dark green veggies have various health benefits to them. Dark green veggies are fantastic for our nails for so many reasons, one being that they are a great source of B vitamins. These vitamins are important for healthy nail growth as well as the healthy color of your nails. Next time you’re roasting veggies, try opting for the dark green kind for healthy nail beds.
  6. Peanuts
    This one may come as a surprise, but peanuts are actually a source of iron! If you’re deficient in iron, your nails will let you know. You’ll see lots of ridges or a notably uneven surface on your nail beds. Peanuts are so tasty on their own or as peanut butter. Try adding more peanuts to your diet for smooth and healthy nails.
  7. Quinoa
    Magnesium is responsible for so much within our body, including nail growth. Eating quinoa is a great way to get more magnesium into your diet. Quinoa makes a filling base to any hearty salad or bowl. Try eating more quinoa for faster and healthier nail growth.
  8. Beans & Lentils
    Without enough protein, our bodies aren’t able to produce enough keratin, making for weak and dry hair, skin, and nails. Beans and lentils are a great plant-based source of protein and are easy to add to lots of recipes! Try adding beans and lentils to your bowls for strong nails.
  9. Soy
    There is a common concern for people who eat plant-based about their protein intake.  We wanted to include soy here as well, as it is a fabulous source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and zinc. Try eating more edamame and tofu to add more nutrient-dense soy to your diet!
  10. Citrus Fruits
    Folate is a type of B vitamin that is important for nail growth. Citrus fruits are a good source of folate and are refreshing at any time of the day! They are also delicious in smoothies and salads.