A Dis-What Pump?


When purchasing a brand new pedicure chair(s) there are so many bells and whistles. It is so exciting to look at all of the different color varieties and be able to choose the one matches your taste and compliments your spa. Right after you are finished picking your pedicure chair you realize that you have no idea whether or not you need a discharge pump.

Discharge pump? What is that? Well, it is definitely a simple answer. If your plumbing is underground, you will not need a discharge pump for your new pedicure chair. However, if you have plumbing that is above ground or behind your wall a discharge pump is necessary. In those instances you may need to drain the water uphill. The discharge pump will allow you to send the water to your drain source with a just a push of button on your pedicure chair. It is recommended that the chair and the discharge pump is installed by a licensed plumber so that the warranty on you chair does not void. Contact your plumber before you complete your order to find out if you will need a discharge pump for your pedicure chair.

discharge pump