At Home Skin Care Devices

While the salon or spa may be the place where we get the best skincare treatment outside of a dermatologist’s office, we can’t go there everyday. Yet, we should take care of skin care everyday. Washing, exfoliating and moisturizing are a good place to start with home skin care but, with all of the new skincare technology out these days, we should take advantage of the ability to go the extra mile for our skin. Here we will discuss some of the hottest new types of at-home skin care devices so you can decide for yourself if it is worth splurging a little bit to have extra radiant skin.

Moisture Meters

This device does exactly what it sounds like it does. It measures the hydration of the skin. Simply press the device against the skin and the device will give you a reading of the moisture (water) and oil content in your skin. This is especially helpful for people who use lots of acids or other skin products which can dry out the skin and actually cause premature aging. Once the machine gets a reading of your skin, it will create a diagram on the screen to show you how hydrated your skin is compared to where it should be. Optimal oil and moisture readings are between 35% and 60%. If your skin falls below these levels, lifestyle and skincare regimen changes are warranted.

Electric Facial Scrubbers

Want really clean skin with less hassle? Try an electric facial scrub. Some vibrate with a silicone head brush and others have spinning heads, but the goal of each device is to take the work out of scrubbing your face with just enough force to clean but not so much that it causes irritation. Many of these devices can even be used inside of the shower so you won’t have to worry about ruining them by getting them wet. Most of them are also powered by rechargeable batteries so you won’t have to worry about cords. What’s even better is that, compared to many other skincare devices, they are generally inexpensive. So do your skin a favor and pick up one of these devices for a true, deep cleaning. 

Lymphatic Massage Devices

If you don’t like puffiness or edema interfering with your beauty routine, then you may want to give a lymphatic massage device a try. Skin and its surrounding tissue can become stagnant and filled with toxins just like any other part of the body. This stagnation with toxins causes inflammation and puffiness. With these nifty little massage devices, you can decrease swelling and clear out these toxins at the same time.  

Droplette Micro-Infuser

The concept behind these devices is very interesting. Skin, as most of us know, has tiny pores capable of releasing sweat and toxins as well as absorbing nutrients. However, the key here is that the particles of the nutrients we want our skin to absorb are small enough for our skin to actually absorb them. This is where droplette micro-infuser devices can help. These devices convert serums which are put into the devices into micromists which are then released by the devices so that the skin can more easily absorb the contents. The mist created by these devices is generally around 4 microns (this is incredibly small). These devices can be a great way to give a little extra nourishment to your skin.

Handheld Multifunction Devices

There are a number of convenient, small devices currently on the market for home use. These devices, many times, combine several popular functions such as LED therapy, ultrasonic vibration, ion care and thermal heat therapy. Given their size and the number of functions these devices typically come equipped with, it can be a real bargain for your wallet as well as a great addition to your skincare routine. Ultrasonic vibrations which vibrate at 8,500 times per second provide a mini-massage while also firming and lifting your skin. Ion care provides two types of ions (positively charged and negatively charged) which pull impurities from the skin and also helps nutrients enter deeper into the skin. LED light therapy is useful for fighting acne bacteria as well as reducing wrinkles and redness and the thermal heat therapy functions as a booster to the other therapies. Combining all of these saves time, money and helps your skin which are all great reasons to consider one of these devices.

Ultrasonic Scrapers And Infusers

These devices have gained popularity thanks to social media videos showing the, sometimes icky, deep cleansing these devices can perform. The scraping action performed with the spatula-like end combined with ultrasonic vibrations of the device are a great way to remove impurities from the skin and are also very helpful for blemish-prone skin. In addition, many of these devices have a second setting where the ultrasonic vibrations help serum and nutrient absorption. In other words, these devices can first be used to clean the skin and, afterwards, to assist in the absorption of your favorite skincare concoction.


While there is no substitute for spa care in the hands of a trained professional. There are many great devices on the market to enhance and augment your skin care routine in between visits to the salon. They can be pricey but are also very helpful with respect to common skin care complaints such as acne, uneven complexions, puffiness and skin that is stubborn to clean.