Prestigious Careers In Beauty

When people think of careers in beauty, many only think about the typical jobs like stylist, nail technician or general esthetician. However, there are actually many exciting and prestigious careers in the beauty field which we will explore in this … Continued

10 Popular Hair Myths Debunked

When it comes to hair, there are a lot of myths which tend to get repeated but are, in fact, completely untrue. As salon and spa professionals, it’s likely that we will get confronted with these hair myths from time … Continued

All About Essential Oil Diffusers

Essential oils have become popular in spas providing aromatherapy to their clients, but how to properly infuse the air in your spa is another story. For this, Essential oil diffusers play an important role. Essential oil diffusers break down the … Continued

Trending Beauty Products On TikTok

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Ice Facials – The New Tik Tok Trend

While cryo facials administered by estheticians in spas have been gaining in popularity on more established social media sites, a lower-tech version of the same type of treatment called “ice facials” has been rocketed into popularity by tik tokers. While … Continued

Natural Makeup Removers

Almost everyone knows that you should remove makeup at the end of the day to avoid clogged pores and skin irritation. To remove makeup, most women use store bought makeup removers which contain harsh chemicals like alcohol that can end … Continued

Different Types Of Spas

In today’s spa industry, there are numerous types of spas and sometimes it is hard to know what the differences are between these spas from the name alone. However, there are actually many distinguishing factors from prices to services as … Continued