New Hair Trend “Balayage” Explained

Balayage is a word which has been popping up on the hair scene recently but there is a lot of misunderstanding regarding this trend. Balayage has been around for a long time but came back to prominence recently thanks to … Continued

Summer 2022 Spa, Salon and beauty trends

SUMMER 2022 SPA, SALON AND BEAUTY TRENDS As the weather is getting warmer again, new beauty trends will begin filling Facebook and Instagram feeds as they do every summer. Influencers and beauty brands alike will want to be ahead of … Continued

The History Of Hair Salons

Many people visit hair salons multiple times a year, if not monthly, but never stop to ask themselves; how did this profession get started in the first place? What is the history of hair salons and where did they begin? … Continued

Prestigious Careers In Beauty

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10 Popular Hair Myths Debunked

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Laser Combs For Thinning Hair

A majority of men and many women experience some form of hair thinning by the time they reach 35 years old. Hair loss can be influenced by stress, nutrition and illness but, for the majority of people who experience hair … Continued

Homemade Hair Masks To Treat Dandruff

Dandruff can be a really annoying problem to have. If you do have dandruff, you might feel self-conscious or like you always need to wear a hat. Dandruff, which is actually a mild form of seborrheic dermatitis, causes increased scaling, … Continued