All about ultrasound cavitation

Ultrasound cavitation is a relatively new treatment which uses ultrasonic vibrations and radio waves to turn fat cells in liquid which can then be naturally expelled by the body. It has gained popularity due to its status as a non-invasive, … Continued

Spa Services to Offer Pregnant clients

Pregnancy entails a lot of stress, hormonal changes and discomfort, which means that clients who are pregnant are excellent candidates for spa services. Manicures and Pedicures are appropriate because hormonal changes can leave nails more brittle and prone to growing … Continued

All About Moisturizing Facial Skin

Many people have heard the general advice that moisturizing your skin is a good thing to do, and it is if you do it correctly. Moisturizing your skin not only keeps it looking younger and more supple, but it can … Continued

Innovating at your spa

Innovating at your spa is about more than just taking part of the newest trend or trying to get a few more clients in the door. It is about creatively taking advantage of your skills, ingenuity, geographical location and your … Continued


Now that the worst part of the pandemic has wound down for the time being, people, en masse, will be looking to make up for lost time traveling and, in addition to restaurants and famous landmarks, will be visiting spas … Continued

Novel post pandemic spa services

The past two years of living through a global pandemic has changed almost every aspect of human life, including spas. During the peak of the pandemic, many people would have never dreamed about leaving their homes to visit a spa … Continued