How to have younger looking hands

Getting a manicure at your favorite spa or salon is a great way to have more beautiful nails but, what if the rest of your hands are veiny, dry, cracked or rough? It would certainly hurt, if not ruin, the … Continued

Spa Trends to be on the lookout for

The spa and wellness industry seems to continuously have makeovers based on what is popular in related health and supplement industries at that moment as well as what is going around on social media platforms. In general, at the moment, … Continued

All About Moisturizing Facial Skin

Many people have heard the general advice that moisturizing your skin is a good thing to do, and it is if you do it correctly. Moisturizing your skin not only keeps it looking younger and more supple, but it can … Continued

Fall 2022 Beauty and Makeup trends

With the fall 2022 season now in full swing, several new beauty and makeup trends have emerged thanks to a popular television series, Tik Tok and other social media sites. Many of these trends are flashy, bold and eye-catching such … Continued


Now that the worst part of the pandemic has wound down for the time being, people, en masse, will be looking to make up for lost time traveling and, in addition to restaurants and famous landmarks, will be visiting spas … Continued


Even with the worst parts of the pandemic seemingly in the past at this point, businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals still continue to have virtual meetings via platforms like zoom at a frequency which exceeds that of pre-pandemic levels. This means … Continued


Exfoliation is a word which gets thrown around a lot in the beauty industry. Some think it is something which should be done regularly while others think it is hard on the skin and should be done very infrequently. To … Continued