10 Common Questions About Pedicure Chairs

Pedicure chairs are an essential piece of equipment for any salon or spa offering pedicure services. They provide clients with a comfortable and relaxing experience while also making it easier for technicians to perform their work. However, with so many … Continued

Frequently asked questions about pedicures

While millions of people all over the world get pedicures every day, there are actually very few informative resources out there about pedicures. You may have a hard time finding answers to  questions such as how often should you get … Continued

History of Pedicures

Many people love getting a pedicure at the spa or salon. It’s relaxing, refreshing and leaves or feet and toenails looking great. But, have you ever wondered where or how the tradition was started? In fact, it is quite old. … Continued

Starting a Spa from Scratch

If you’re an esthetician, pedicurist, manicurist or simply have the itch to start a small business, starting your own spa may be the perfect answer. Starting any business from scratch can be an intimidating project to undertake. There are many … Continued