Manicures and Pedicures for Men

Most men believe that manicure and pedicure is for the ladies and so they do their best to avoid the nail salons. What they focus on is their couture, which is to get a nice shirt and tie, trousers and a pair … Continued

Top 10 Tips to buy Pedicure Chairs

FEATURES & COLORS What features or bells and whistles are you looking for in a pedicure chair? It’s best to get that part figured out early on in the process. Albert Kim, Marketing Director for J&A, one of most well-known pedicure … Continued

How to choose a good nail salon?

A couple of hours at the nail salon can affect your coming week in many ways. Beautiful nails will make you feel happy and confident. An unclean nail salon could cause you an infection that you will have to battle … Continued

Easy Tips for a Great Pedicure

Keep it simple! If all transactions on the device can be marked and one-of-a-kind paint jobs, keep the pedicure simple. A color for all two checked entries, but not matching matches, is the most optional. Keep in mind what you … Continued