Cleaning Tip for Spa Pedicure Chair

It’s benefit information for cleaning spa pedicure chair ‘s foot part which was collected as tutorial for clients and users general from Environment Protection Agency US Customer precautions – protecting the client Check the condition of the client’s feet and … Continued

Massage pedicure chair and Pregnant

Pedicure chair is used safety totally for pregnant However, there are many question is given for safe or not within pedicure massage chair to Pregnant. Some of them are afraid Pedicure massage chair causing low back spasm. The concern is … Continued

Clean pedicure tubs

Pedicures are used to keep feet and toenails healthy. During this process a device called pedicure tubs is used. The clients use the pedicure tubs to soak their feet. In salons, these pedicure tubs need to be properly cleaned and … Continued