Even with the worst parts of the pandemic seemingly in the past at this point, businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals still continue to have virtual meetings via platforms like zoom at a frequency which exceeds that of pre-pandemic levels. This means … Continued

Natural Makeup Removers

Almost everyone knows that you should remove makeup at the end of the day to avoid clogged pores and skin irritation. To remove makeup, most women use store bought makeup removers which contain harsh chemicals like alcohol that can end … Continued

Base Coats Vs Nail Primers

Two concepts that women at the nail salon are often confused about are base coats and nail primers. Many people think that the terms are interchangeable, but they actually have separate purposes and mechanisms to accomplish their job. Although the … Continued

Best Ways To Prevent Skin Aging

Avoid Too Much Sun One of the best, least expensive and easiest things that you can do to avoid prematurely aging your skin is to avoid too much sun exposure and protect your skin when you are exposed to the … Continued

New Treatments To Add To Your Spa

With so many new products coming to the market all the time, it can be hard to tell which products actually present new technology and service opportunities to spas and which are just fluff. Here, we will explore several new … Continued

Skin Care Trends For 2022

In the new year, we will see some shifts in the skin care trends which dominated in 2021. As a signal of recovery from the pandemic, we will see clients begin to return more and more to their spas, salons … Continued