Spa and salon maintenance

Maintenance of your Spa and Salon do not only involve furniture and equipment upgrades but regular cleaning of your entire establishment. By doing so, you will know for sure if you need to replace your furniture and equipment or just go … Continued

Grow Your Salon Business using these four tips

The salon services and products arena is a huge multi-billion dollar industry. According to Professional Consultants and Resources (PCR), growth increased 4.1 percent to over $75 billion last year. Salon owners should be rejoicing over this statistic as it presents … Continued

Maintenance on Spa Pedicure Chairs

It is recommended to keep up with the routine cleaning and maintenance on your salon’s spa pedicure chairs. This will allow your equipment to last longer over time. Routine cleaning should be performed on a daily basis. This is where … Continued

A Dis-What Pump?

When purchasing a brand new pedicure chair(s) there are so many bells and whistles. It is so exciting to look at all of the different color varieties and be able to choose the one matches your taste and compliments your … Continued

Why go to the spa?

Study after study has shown that massage therapy is a key component of pain management – especially helpful for people who suffer from back and neck problems, arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms. Studies also have shown that massage helps release … Continued