A Dis-What Pump?

When purchasing a brand new pedicure chair(s) there are so many bells and whistles. It is so exciting to look at all of the different color varieties and be able to choose the one matches your taste and compliments your … Continued

Why go to the spa?

Study after study has shown that massage therapy is a key component of pain management – especially helpful for people who suffer from back and neck problems, arthritis, sciatica and muscle spasms. Studies also have shown that massage helps release … Continued


Spa and Salon Pedicures have advanced from just the traditional foot soak, clipping of the toe nails, and polishing of the toes to more rejuvenating and therapeutic treatments. Some may include a few additional bells and whistles such as callus … Continued

Types of Facials

One of the most highly recommend way to take care of your face is by getting a facial from a licensed Spa and Salon professional.  A facial cleans, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin and is also ranked among the top … Continued

Happy Employees

Studies show that Happy Employees are more productive and also results in Happy Customers.  This goes for any business and any industry.  Imagine how important this is for the service industry such as your Spa and Salon. If your employees … Continued