It is hard to believe that the summer 2022 season is end and we are about to enter fall. With the new, cooler, drier season comes a whole new basket of hair trends for salons and beauty clients alike to experiment with. Face-framing and mid-length haircuts are expected to be big as well as some unique red tones and layering which we will discuss. Now, let’s take a look at the hottest hair trends you can expect to see this autumn.


It’s usual for colors to trend into warmer tones for the fall season. Usually, this means warmer browns with subtle red tones. However, due to influencers like Kylie Jenner and Zendaya going for striking red tones recently, we are sure to see numerous auburn, caramel and other red-heavy tones in various styles this season.


While many women look at the summer as a time to cut their hair in order to cool themselves off from the hot, humid weather, this year super short haircuts are fashionable for the fall. Apart from trying something different and bold, some stylists and beauty enthusiasts argue that by cutting your hair short, you are leaving behind hair that was damaged from harsh summer conditions in order to start fresh with healthy hair. While these dramatic styles won’t be for everyone, the more daring beauty enthusiasts might opt for a short pixie or pixie mullet to really stand out.


Summertime is almost always a season for blonde highlights, color-lightening and naturally blonder hair due to the oxidation which occurs to hair that is exposed to a lot of sun. Then, when fall comes around, women let their naturally darker shades show and go back to chestnut and mushroom tones. This fall will follow a similar trend but the darker brown tones will be deep and multidimensional with lowlights being utilized in a big way. Big social media names like Hailey Bieber are already spearheading this trend and, because of that, it has started earlier this season than it normally does.


Whether long bangs are the result of fresh styles or are simply the bangs from shorter summer styles which have grown out, we are sure to be seeing a lot of them this season. Long bangs draw attention to the eyes and do wonders in helping to frame the face which is a big plus. Additionally, long bangs don’t take long to grow out so, if you think you want bangs but don’t think you will want them in the near future, this is a great choice. Long bangs can be combined with fringe haircuts, long and wavy hairstyles or even bobs.


Bobs are a style which were popular in the hot, summer season and continue to be popular for the fall. Shoulder length bobs in particular are part of the 90’s styles meta trend which sees women from across gen x, the millennials and gen z opting for 90’s styles hair and clothes. Bobs are also versatile in length and variation so everyone can find a bob style which will work for their face shape and hair type.


The hot hairstyles this fall have their own unique twists but many still follow the usual theme of darker tones, bangs and layers with a few outliers like the more radical pixie cuts which have been making their rounds on popular social media channels. If you do decide to opt for one of these more daring options, just be sure you are committed to the style as it can take a long time to grow out. If not, it may be better to go with one of the trending styles which requires less time commitment like a fringe with long bangs.