Having a Lash Technician at your salon ?


Celebrities and everyday women alike want long, lush lashes and when their eyelashes don’t grow like this naturally, they go to a lash technician at their favorite beauty salon. But, what if your business is their favorite beauty salon but you don’t have a lash tech on staff? You become one! So how do you become a Certified lash tech? 


Nearly all states require that lash technicians have a cosmetology or esthetician license but, for people who already have these initial credentials, the training only takes a few days. Acquiring these credentials will give your clients confidence that they are in good hands when they come to your Salon for lash services. Classes for these credentials will range in price but are typically between $300 and $2000 depending on the area and the reputation of the teacher providing the credentials. You will have to do your research locally regarding teachers who can provide these credentials for lash services to ensure that your are being taught well and are not falling victim to a scammer or incompetent teacher. 

So, is it worth it? Absolutely! Having a reputable lash tech on staff can help you bring in and retain clients. Better yet, women coming in for false lashes may purchase other services from you at the same time, or come back later for other services, which increases your business. Then, when you think about future referrals from people who were happy with their results and the friends and family who ask these women where they got their lashes done, you will realize that your revenue will be increasing in no time! Also, you don’t want to turn potential clients away because they are looking for a service which you can’t provide. When clients come in looking for lash services, you want to be able and ready.  


Like in many other specialities of the beauty industry, lash technicians use chemicals on their clients when attaching false lashes. Applied incorrectly or carelessly, these chemicals could hurt your client leading to you losing that client or, even worse, open you up to potential legal liability. This is why it is so important to receive proper training (and to make sure everyone else at your salon has received proper training) before selling lash services to your customers. To make sure you are completely ready to serve your clients with lash extensions, first practice with a family member or someone else working at your salon. If the results are good, you know you are ready. If the results don’t turn out how you want, you will be glad you did not upset one of your customers with a sub-par service. 


It is very important to make sure that you and any other certified lash technicians at your salon are using good, quality lash materials like those provided at SpaSalon.US. The last thing you want to do is have well trained staff and then ruin your clients’ experience with poor quality lash glue which doesn’t hold the lashes to your clients face. Worse, it could irritate their skin and leave them with a bad aesthetic result after they paid good money at your Salon to get the service. Bringing all the necessary elements together and being well trained and prepared is the best way to ensure that your lash services will be a catalyst for your professional Salon and not a hindrance. 


Being a lash tech or having a lash tech on staff at your Salon can add a lot of value to your business. Like many other specialties in the beauty business, lash services are highly sought after amongst all classes of women. Having a diverse portfolio of services available at your Salon will not only help you acquire more business but will also make you the talk of the town!