Holiday gift ideas for beauty professionals and enthusiasts

When the holiday season rolls around, that means it is time to start thinking about what gifts to get for family and friends. Sure, you could take the easy way out and just give money or gift cards but, we know you are a creative and resourceful person and that is not your style. You like it when the person you are giving a gift to actually has something to unwrap and open. However, if you are looking for gifts for beauty professionals or beauty enthusiasts, this can make things a little trickier. You will have to do your homework to really have a good idea about what’s popular, useful, fun and practical. Luckily, we’ve done that homework for you so you don’t have to. Here we will discuss some of the best gift ideas for the 2022 season for spa professionals, salon professionals and beauty enthusiasts alike.


Skin analyzers, sometimes also referred to as skin scanners, are a nifty gadget which anyone involved with beauty can find useful. Skin analyzers take high quality images of skin and then run those images through software applications to determine aesthetic (or dermatologic in the case of medical spas) conditions which may be affecting the client’s skin. This can include things like fine lines which are not yet visible yet, sun damage, oiliness, skin moisture and skin texture. It’s not difficult to see how an aesthetician at a spa might find this useful for recommending skin treatments or skincare products for their clients. However, even ordinary beauty enthusiasts can enjoy this gift once they learn how to use a consumer skin analyzer at home. Professional skin analyzers which are intended for use in a spa will many times have a hooded entrance where the client will put their face whereas consumer devices many times appear like a digital mirror and, in fact, usually double as a makeup mirror. These devices tend to run between a few hundred dollars to a thousand or more so they are a larger ticket gift.


LED skin therapy devices have been relatively popular for a few years now but it is still entirely possible that the beauty professional or enthusiast in your life does not have one. LED light skin therapy devices use different frequencies of LED lights for various types of skin treatments. For instance, red LED lights penetrate the epidermis layer of the skin and, in turn, stimulate collagen production. This is, in essence, an anti-aging treatment because age-related declines in collagen production are a root cause behind wrinkles, fine lines and drooping skin. Blue lights, on the other hand, target sebaceous glands which are glands in the skin which produce oil. By reducing the oil produced by these glands with blue LED light, you can effectively reduce acne symptoms and improve scarring and inflammation. These devices are typically found in two different styles. The first style, which may be more appropriate for personal use, is the mask style where the LED lights are inside of a mask which is placed directly on the face. The second style, which may be more convenient for spa use and professionals for sanitary reasons, is the bridge or umbrella style LED light therapy device where the user is sat below the device but never actually comes into physical contact with the device. LED skin devices typically cost between $75 and $300 dollars so they should be accessible for most and they are a great gift for beauty professionals and enthusiasts.


Ultrasonic skin devices, which typically come with a variety of different handles or extensions for use on various parts of the body, utilize ultrasonic vibrations of around 28,000 vibrations per second to effect positive changes in the skin. Ultrasonic “scraper” devices are typically flat, appearing slightly like a spatula, and are used on the face for cleansing and dead skin cell removal. Other extensions like the “hammer” extension are rounder, bulkier and can be used for both skin tightening in the facial area as well as for slimming purposes on the stomach, arms or legs. Good quality, professional  ultrasonic devices can be had for around $500 to $1,000 dollars, although there are smaller, personal use devices available for less. These are a great gift for spa and salon professionals because of their accessible price and versatility.


Massage guns are inexpensive, versatile and useful to any spa professional or beauty enthusiast. Massage guns use percussion movements to effortlessly give relaxing, deep tissue massages. Many have a variety of heads or extensions to choose from which makes them appropriate for the neck, back, arms, legs or almost anywhere else where a good massage is needed. These devices can be gotten for around $100 and, therefore, will not break the bank if you plan on giving one as a gift.


If you have been pondering over what you should buy the beauty enthusiast or spa or salon professional in your life this holiday season, hopefully this article just made life a little easier for you. Anyone of the devices mentioned above will be useful and highly enjoyed as a gift. If you still have any questions or doubts before you make a gift purchase, you can always reach out to us. This way, you can impress that special someone in your life with how knowledgeable you are about their beauty passion.