Improve your nighttime hair routine

When you hear the phrase “night habits”, you might think about skin care. Therefore, we often don’t think our hair also uses this downtime to repair itself while we sleep. We consider ourselves to be the main hair care enthusiasts so today we have decided to come up with top tips to improve your nighttime hairdressing routine. Try these methods and you’ll experience better hair days soon!

Tip #1: Avoid sleeping with your hair tied up

You may think that messy buns or ponytails are harmless while sleeping, but the tension can strain the scalp and lead to hair damage. However, you shouldn’t keep your hair away from your face, so we recommend a classic braid instead. This will keep your hair from breaking out when it rubs against your pillow and you can wake up to beautiful waves of heat!

Tip #2: Keep it dry

When your hair is wet, your hair is most vulnerable to damage, so it’s important to dry it completely before going to bed to avoid frizz and breakage. There are plenty of time-saving advantages to washing your hair at night, so if you do, spend an extra hour or two letting your hair air dry or rinse it before bed (use of course thermal protector).

Tip #3: Upgrade to silk 

Although it may seem a bit investment, trading a high quality silk pillowcase will do wonders for your hair (and your skin!). Silk is a much softer fabric than cotton, and its finer strands will help prevent damage to your delicate hairs – especially if you crumpled and crumpled at night.

Tip #4: Apply an overnight treatment

It’s important to include masks and treatments in your weekly hair care routine, but sometimes the 15-30 minute masks just won’t cut it. Take advantage of your sleep time by applying a nourishing hair mask before bed. Leaving it on overnight will turn it into an intensive repairing treatment and leave your hair ultra hydrated. Depending upon your hair type, we recommend you try this once or twice a month. Ask your stylist for product recommendations based on your hair’s specific needs.