Interior Design Trends For Salons In 2022

As 2022 approaches, so does a whole slew of new, interior design trends. One of the places you will see these interior design trends showing up is inside of salons. Experts expect 2022 to be a year full of numerous shades of green, tiles and interesting design accents.Here we will discuss some of the ways you can decorate your salon for 2022 and keep with the trends even if you are opposed to painting your business’ walls green or getting a whole new floor just for the pattern style.

Earthy Decorations

One way to keep with the green trend without completely renovating your business and breaking your wallet is to add more leafy-green decorative plants to your space. This will not only add a splash of green color but it will also liven up your rooms, freshen the air and help create a relaxing environment for your clients.  Dracaena, spider plants, bamboo palm and aloe vera are all good choices for salons looking to modernize their decorations. In addition to this, removable vinyl wall adhesives are popular for adding a splash of green color. 

Patterned Floors And Wall Accents

As part of the upcoming 70’s retros trend, patterned floors and wall accents will be seen more and more. If you were already considering a new floor for your salon, this could be a great time to modernize the interior design of your business. However, if you are not planning on making such a large purchase at this point in time, you could add a few patterned tiles to the walls under mirrors and behind stylists’ stations to achieve the look as well. Many upscale salons are combining bright white walls with sections of mounted wall tiles.

Dark (Not Black) Marble Countertops

If you have black marble countertops in your salon, it may be time for a change. Deep, dark green marbles and even some blues are making their way into the styles this year. These can be placed at reception counters, waiting room tables and even in sinks if you are really looking to customize your space.

Wall Phrases

It’s no secret that inspirational phrases were made popular by, and sometimes overdone, on social media. However, wall phrases are a great way to add a splash of color and an interesting design to your salon. These phrases can be done with neon lights, framed pictures or adhesive letters. Many salon owners are putting these inspirational phrases on accent walls which we will discuss next. Just make sure whatever phrase you are considering adorning on your wall resonates with your clients.

Accent Walls

Remember how we said that many salons were going with bright white walls accented with patterned tiles in select parts. Well, other salons are accenting their white walls and ceilings by creating an entire accent wall. Accent walls standout, make a statement and are visually interesting for clients. Sometimes accent walls are done with a single bright color like pink or green, while other times they are done with flowery or design-pattern wallpaper. Both ways work, however, just remember not to overdo it with your accent wall. It is an accent. Not the main design. Therefore, it should be kept to just one small wall in your salon. Extending bold designs like these to a large percentage of your salon’s interior surface area may come off as  tacky, or worse, agitate clients who are sensitive to their surroundings.

Metal Borders

Lights, mirrors and even styling stations with metal borders are becoming popular again due to retro style which is dominating certain areas of interior design. This time around, however, salon owners are mixing metal colors such as gold, silver, copper and brass to create decorative accents which are visually appealing for clients and not completely uniform. 


While it is not normally financially viable for most salons to redo their entire interior design every time a new year or trend rolls around, all salons can do a little something to update their interior design styles and appear tasteful to their clients. Whether this is simply adding a few trending plants to the design landscape or an accent wall to make your space more visually interesting, many design updates will not break your wallet or necessitate that you close down your space for remodeling. Beautifully decorated, modern-design salon spaces create a perception of professionalism and competence with your clients that you absolutely do not want to ignore.