Liftgate service, What is it and do you need it?

You’re looking to purchase some new items for your Salon/Spa and they’re asking you at checkout if you need liftgate service, how do you decide if this is a service that you will need?

When the shipping or receiving address does not have a loading dock, manual loading and unloading is necessary. Of course, the shipping requirements will be different for each item, but in general most freightliner truck beds are approximately four feet from the ground. Most items weighing under 150 pounds can be picked up off the bed and placed on the ground by one or two able-bodied persons. Attempting this with heavier items can place all individuals and the equipment at risk. Please be aware that it is not the truck driver’s responsibility to unload or even assist in unloading your items.

Lift gate service is typically used on freight exceeding 150 lbs in weight if a loading dock is not available at pick up or delivery. A lift gate is a platform at the back of certain trucks that can raise and lower a shipment by using a hydraulic system. The shipment can then move from the ground to the truck and vice versa. This device is especially important to a typical residence where there is no loading dock. Without this device, a residential customer is responsible for bringing the freight off the truck and any damage due to dropping on the ground.

Some larger objects carry substantial weight, and using a lift gate addresses numerous issues. These problems embrace the necessity for additional personnel, the danger of damaging things being loaded, and the risk of injury to one or many of your workers. The added efficiency and productivity justifies the cost added to the cost of shipping.

lift gateLiftgate service

Standard shipping does not include liftgate service, but this service is available for a fee. Upon arrival of your shipment, the delivering carrier is responsible for moving the freight to the end of the truck for drop-off. Because residences do not have docks for unloading, moving the freight from the bed of the truck to the ground can be an issue.

If the freight is lightweight enough, or if the driver is assisted, some freight can be eased off the truck. If no help is available or if the freight is too heavy, a liftgate truck will be necessary. Upon ordering, you can request a liftgate truck.
One thing you don’t want to do is have a truck come out and try to deliver without a lift gate and then not have a way to get it off the back of the truck. If you can’t get the freight off the truck then there will be a redelivery fee on top of the full retail lift gate fee. Unfortunately the freight companies have us stuck between a rock and a hard place. Our recommendation is to just get the lift gate delivery unless you have a way to unload the freight.

By skipping the residential and lift gate services, which are essential part of the delivery of heavy items to regular consumers, a shipping company is forced to bill a consumer these fees directly. These fees are very costly, often averaging $150.

To avoid this lift gate fee many of our residential customers arrange in advance for enough hands to lift the freight off the truck. Most freight lines will call you for a delivery appointment, which will allow you to obtain the help necessary.

Don’t forget to look at weight and dimensions in the listing to get accurate shipment details, and to choose the liftgate option during check out if you need this service for your delivery.