Marketing Bride Services At Your Salon

Many Salon owners overlook the great potential of marketing services to brides-to-be. Not only do the majority of brides desire multiple salon services before their big day, but leaving a good impression on the bride, and all of her guests, is a great way to gain lifelong clients. Since weddings are typically a stressful time for the bride, you will want your staff to have all of their affairs in order before attending the bride to be. This means not only having all of the materials that are needed for the services that the bride wants, but also having competent staff who can complete these services in a timely, professional manner. Remember, nothing will turn off a bride from returning to your salon in the future faster than chaos and delays that affect their already-busy schedule.

How To Market To Future Brides

So how do you effectively market to future brides and get their business? One way to get free publicity for your salon is to simply ask the bride-to-be if you can use one of their wedding photos on your website in exchange for a discount. Given that weddings tend to be an expensive time in peoples’ lives, you can be almost certain that the bride will accept this offer. She will likely be flattered that you want to use her image as a promotional tool as well. Better yet, since the bride will likely have some professional photography done for her wedding, you can ask to use one of these higher-quality photos as opposed to taking your own. This all but guarantees that you will have quality images for your Salon website or other advertising outlets. 

How To Offer Services and Which Services To Offer

Offering services as customizable packages is a good way to give the bride choice as well as a feeling that picking out services is less of a chore and more of a pleasure. Hair and makeup packages that include trial “up-dos” a few days to a few weeks before the wedding is a good way to ensure that, on the big day, everyone leaves happy and the bride is glad that she came to your Salon. Having multiple images of hair and makeup examples ready so that the bride can choose which style she would like to try is a good way to streamline your process so that the bride doesn’t feel like she has to leave, do more research and then come back with a hair and makeup decision. With any luck, she will like her trial up-do enough to schedule a second appointment for the same services on her wedding day. Other packages such as manicure and pedicure options will help give the bride a sense that her beauty routine is complete and everything can be accomplished in one place at your Salon. Body waxing, eyebrow plucking or threading and facials beforehand are also good services if you are able to professionally offer them at your Salon. However, don’t overextend yourself or your staff. Only offer bridal services that you can provide at the highest level.

How to Prepare

Because the bride will likely arrive with the support of her friends, family and bridesmaids, you will want to make sure that your Salon is clean, organized and has ample sitting room for a large group of people if possible. Make sure that you do not rush your services for the bride as all of the people who are there supporting her will likely want to chime in with an opinion about how the hair, makeup and other beauty routines should be done. However, also remember to consider the opinion of the bride most important and side with her if there is any disagreement.


Bridal services can be a great, and oftentimes overlooked, way to increase business at your Salon and get the leg up on your competition. Weddings don’t happen every day but, when they do, they can be a great revenue source which will nicely pad your bottom line. Charging a little more for bridal services is expected; especially if you need to shut down your Salon for a few hours to exclusively attend a wedding party. However, getting a reputation as the wedding salon in your local area is a great niche to own.The key here is to market your bridal services effectively and appropriately so that the money you spend on advertising and promotion accomplishes exactly what it should and you do not fruitlessly spend money.