Newest Salon Trend: Mobile Salons

Industries all over the world are constantly evolving and the Salon industry is no different. Traditionally, Salon owners did their advertising in their own local areas in hopes of getting and retaining regular clients from that local area with the understanding that most people will not typically make long trips to visit a specific salon because there is always a salon closer where they live which is more convenient for them to patron. However, this seems to be changing with the new meta-trend of mobile salons. Mobile Salon owners typically fix up an RV (recreational vehicle) or camper to accommodate all of the equipment and resources they need and then they take their services on the road! In late 2021, this trend has already exploded far past the first few social media influencers who documented their success with mobile salons for their followers. Now, more and more salon owners are finding it profitable to take their services on the road. Some of these salon professionals have both a physical permanent location and a mobile salon business so they can focus their attention wherever business is currently best.  

How Can This Improve Business For Salon Owners?

Mobile salons are a great innovation in the age of social media because, if a mobile salon owner recognizes in their social media metrics or advertising campaigns that they have a lot of followers from a particular place, they can take their services to wherever their personal brand is most popular. Mobile salon owners can also take their services to vacation retreats, business trips, weddings and anywhere else where salon services may be desired but are not available in the immediate vicinity. However, mobile salon owners need to be sure that wherever they want to take their services can accommodate RV or camper parking since parking vehicles of this size is restricted in certain instances and you will want a power source as well to plug in your RV and run your equipment. However, with a little research, there should be plenty of opportunities for a salon owner who is willing to travel for work and find campgrounds or other parking accommodations with power sources for their RV or camper. As a tip, Salon owners can check posted events at hotels and resorts in order to find possible business opportunities as well as checking for scheduled conferences for various industries.

How To Set Up A Mobile Salon

Mobile salons do take a bit of investment to set up. However, this investment can pay off big in the long run. First, you will obviously need an RV vehicle which can accommodate the various pieces of equipment that you will need to use to provide your services. Buying a quality used RV vehicle can save a lot on costs. Check on craigslist or your local Facebook marketplace for people selling campers. After you have purchased your camper or RV, you should take measurements of your space and contact a reputable equipment dealer like in order to find out what type of pedicure chairs, manicure tables, facial beds or other equipment will be best suited for your mobile salon. A reputable dealer can take into account your budget, physical space and the services you provide in order to maximize the utility your salon will provide for you and your customer. Lastly, you will want to contact a handyman to help set up the space if you are not confident in performing this type of work yourself.

Innovate And Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

In a time when the busy lives of people all over the world have been further complicated by a pandemic, offering innovative touches at your mobile salon business can help set you apart, not only from physical salons, but also from other mobile salons. Try offering virtual consultations over a free video conferencing service like zoom where you can discuss the expectations of the client and show images of other clients you have provided services for in order to gain the trust of your client . During these virtual consultations you can also demonstrate to your client your high hygiene standards so that they feel confident in scheduling a physical appointment with you. If the weather where you are providing mobile salon services permits, provide an outside waiting area with an awning as many RVs and campers are equipped with. This may make your clients feel safer than waiting inside of a camper in the midst of an ongoing pandemic.


For salon professionals looking to expand or innovate their business, mobile salons could be the perfect answer. Building a social media following for your business before hitting the road can also be a ton of help. When your salon’s social media following is ample, simply announce to