Pedicure Chair

Every salon needs to ensure that their clients are comfortable and yet still accessible to stylists and treating professionals. The right pedicure chair will help to enhance a client’s enjoyment of the procedure and still keep their feet within easy reach of the technician. This means it’s important to consider the material, the slant of the chair, and how easy it is to maneuver around.

A pedicure chair is basically any type of seating station to perform pedicures at nail salons.  A basic pedicure chair is normally equipped with a back massage, a foot basin, a faucet, etc.  Today’s they are priced from $3000 up $10000, depend on their designs, and the types of system equipped on a pedicure chair.  Here are some important factors that you need to consider before purchasing   pedicure chairs for your salon.

What is the difference between piped jet and pipeless jet?

The traditional pedicure chair is equipped with piped jet system.  A piped jet system is running whirlpool by a large pump placed under the pedicure chair. There are usually four to six hoses connect from this large pump to the foot basin to circulate water in the basin. Internal piping or hoses, hiding deep within the structure of a chair is very hard to clean. The only way to clean such piping would be to flush disinfectant through the inner pipes but then there is no guarantee that all traces of bacteria have been removed.  Most of pedicure infections are occurred in piped jet systems of a pedicure chair.

The modern pedicure chair is equipped with pipeless jet system.

The pipeless jet system is running whirlpool with a jet impeller placed right inside the foot basin of a chair. This means there are no inner pipes connected. Since there are no hoses, therefore there are no bacteria to clean except in the foot basin of a pedicure chair. Pipeless jet system is easier to clean and disinfect. So pipeless jet system would be a smarter choice for all salons today.

 What is a full function massage system in?

A full functional massage system is made by most leading manufacturers. A pedicure chair equips with a full functional massage gives a professional human techniques from shiatsu massage, like compression, kneading, percussion, rolling, and tapping. Manufacturers do this by including massage elements like rollers and discs, which can feel  very human, within the backrests, neck rests and other areas along with vibrators in the seat and back area to give sort of a full body massage while the person relaxing on a pedicure chair.

What is the roller massage?

A roller massage system is a traditional back massage system of a pedicure chair. It comes with four functional massages: up/down rolling with four wheels, vibration, and density. The disadvantage of the roller massage system is the limitation of its function and its durability. Because there is no kneading or tapping functions, most people don’t feel much of shiatsu massages. The material of a rod roller massage is made mostly of plastic so its average lifetime is less than a year. Most pedicure chair manufacturers stopped manufacture rod roller massage six  years ago.