Professional Pedicure Tools

shutterstock_pedicurePedicure chair

Every salon needs to ensure that their clients are comfortable and yet still accessible to stylists and treating professionals. The right pedicure chair will help to enhance a client’s enjoyment of the procedure and still keep their feet within easy reach of the technician. This means it’s important to consider the material, the slant of the chair, and how easy it is to maneuver around.


Pedicurists use curettes to clean toenail beds. Use the curette gently to remove skin that’s been softened by a soaking bath. The curette is a small metal instrument with a scoop at one end used to remove cuticle skin and other debris from around the nail bed. Only use blunt-ended curettes in pedicures. Sharp-edged curettes can cut delicate skin around the nail bed and lead to infection.

Nail Files

Use abrasive files to smooth, shape and thin toenails as required. The best nail files are coarse or medium grit. Some pedicurists begin filing with a coarse grit tool, then switch to a medium grit tool for a smooth finish. You can find disposable and multi-use nail files made from a variety of materials including aluminum oxide and nickel. The most durable and easy-to-clean nail files are made from diamond chips.


Salon pedicures begin with toenail clipping. Don’t substitute large fingernail clippers for this task, as they won’t get the job done and may cause you to clip nails too short. To clip and trim toenails professionally, you need clippers specifically made for the task. Professional toenail clippers have precision grip handles and curved or straight blades. Ideally the clippers should have fine tips to make it easy to clip in small corners on curved nail beds.

Foot Files

Home use foot files usually come in one size, and may not work well if your soles are very dry or thickly callused. Professional foot files come in a variety of shapes and have different types of grit designed to remove any type of dead skin. Some foot files are made of disposable materials, and others can be disinfected for multiple uses. The best foot files come with quality handles and disposable grit surfaces that you can replace after each use.