Reasons To Treat Yourself To A Spa Day

When people think of having a spa day, they tend to think about how much money they might spend or what duties and responsibilities they will be temporarily abandoning for their wellness visit. However, this is erroneous, and instead, spa visits should be thought of as an investment in yourself. Additionally, shared experience spa treatments make great dates and are a good present for anyone special in your life who might be suffering from stress. Let’s explore some of the concrete reasons which justify splurging on yourself for a day at the spa. 

Decreases Stress

Thanks to advances in medical science, we know that stress is not something imaginary which you can overcome by simply using your mental power. Stress is a real, physical thing which causes changes to your hormonal, cardiovascular and metabolic systems among others. Ignoring stress in hopes that it will just go away is foolish and, instead, you should create a plan of healthy measures that you can take to reduce stress and spending a day at the spa could be a perfect part of that plan. Massages have been shown to reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone), improve sleep and even release neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine which are responsible for well-being. For these reasons, a day at the spa is the perfect thing for your health. 

Great Couples Activity

If you’re looking for a break from the ordinary restaurants and movies for date night, you should consider attending a spa with your significant other. Shared experience spa treatments are a popular thing now and studies show that couples who set aside time to spend together tend to have better relationships. A shared experience salon day is also a great gift for birthdays, valentine’s day and mother’s or father’s day. 

Time Away From Electronic Devices

Cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices are an inevitable part of modern life but using them every second of the day is not good. This has been proven in studies and, in fact, some of the CEO’s of the biggest tech companies limit their children’s time in front of screens. Sometimes it can be hard to muster up the willpower to put these devices down. However, if you take a day at the spa, you will have no choice but to leave your cell phone or laptop with your belongings and focus on relaxation. 

Healthy Self-Indulgence 

Everyone needs to reward themselves from time to time and it is best to do this in a healthy, positive way. Indulging yourself a little bit is a great way to increase motivation and recharge your batteries. If you look at your spa day as a reward to all of your hard work, your time in and away from the spa will both be better. 


While it is easy to look at a day at the spa as an unnecessary expense, it really is one of the best ways to care for yourself if you are going to indulge at all. Instead of something detrimental to your health like greasy, fast food, massages and spa treatments actually improve your overall state of well being. So go ahead, treat yourself or yourself and a loved one to a relaxing day of treatments.