Skin Analysis Machines For Spas And Salons

With technology revolutionizing almost every industry in the world, there is no reason to believe that the beauty salon industry would be any different. One of the revolutionary technologies making its way into beauty salons is the skin analysis machine. Skin analysis machines use high quality cameras to take photographs of clients and then use sophisticated software to analyze the data collected in those photographs. This allows estheticians and salon clients to work together with better information that cannot be obtained by the naked eye in order to achieve the skincare results which the client desires.

How Are Skin Analysis Machines Useful?

While skin analysis machines are not a replacement for an experienced dermatologist for those with genuine medical conditions of the skin, they can do a lot to improve the results which estheticians can get for their clients inside of salons. One of the things many skin analysis machines are able to determine is “true skin age.” “True skin age”  is simply a reflection of the patient’s overall skin condition when compared against the average skin condition of other people of the same age. This is a great starting point for general skin beauty consultations. 

Another thing, related to true skin age but not exactly the same, which many skin analysis machines are able to determine is wrinkles and micro-wrinkles. As with almost anything, it is best to get ahead of a problem before it becomes a problem and this is exactly what wrinkle detection in skin analysis machines allows the client to do. The machine collects data regarding where wrinkles are forming on a client so that the client may focus their treatment on these areas in order to prevent incipient wrinkles from becoming actual wrinkles.

UV spot and sun damage detection is yet one more useful application of skin analysis machines. At this point, we all understand that too much sun is not good for the skin but, many times, we do not see the actual damage that the sun does until it is too late. With skin analysis machines, software can create models for the client that highlight incipient damage and ultimately lead the client to make better skin-care decisions when it comes to the sun.

Many skin analysis devices also provide thermodynamic charting for clients to show whether or not they have good overall skin circulation or, more specifically, where they do and do not have good skin circulation.

Oil and grease, or the lack of, can be very effectively analyzed by these machines which can help a client determine where they should and should not use moisturizing applications.

Finally, vascular issues that may cause redness are a common analysis tool in skin analysis machines. Since redness is a common skin complaint, this feature can be especially useful for beauty salon clients.   

Does A Skin Analysis Machine Make Financial Sense For Your Salon?

Since skin care analysis machines generally cost between $2,000 and $5,000, it is a significant investment and one you will want to consider intelligently. If you anticipate that the revenue and the new clients you stand to gain with this service warrant the investment, then, by all means, take the plunge. However, you may be worried that you will spend all of this money and then not generate the business to justify what you spent. One way to resolve this problem is to have you and your staff gauge the potential interest in skin analysis machines with your clients before you buy the actual device.  When clients come in for other services, such as hair appointments and pedicures, you can casually mention this new technology to see what kind of reaction your clients give. If a disproportionate number of your clients seem enthusiastic, then that is a great sign to move ahead with buying the device. 

Now, if you do decide to move forward with a skin care analysis machine, you may need to do some price discovery before ultimately deciding what you will charge your clients. This technology is new so, unlike pedicures and hair services where there are more general industry price standards, the service price of skin care analysis machines is more of an open question.

You could also try packaging the service with the subsequent treatments recommended by the device together in order to sell more services at the same time.

Becoming Efficient In Using A Skin Analysis Device

As with any new technology, there is a learning curve when it comes to skin analysis machines. You will want to make sure you and your staff are well-acquainted with your new device before offering skin analysis services to your clients as you do not want to appear as if you don’t know what you are doing. Depending on the complexity of your device as well as the software and interface of the device, this could take some time and will require dedication outside of your normal work hours attending clients. Also, you will want to be ready to provide the secondary services recommended by the device which, depending on what you already do or do not provide, could also require learning.


Being at the forefront of new technologies will help to keep your salon business ahead of the competition and this is one good reason, among many, to begin acquainting yourself with skin analysis machines. If this technology does ultimately become popular, any salon that offers this service may stand to make a windfall on the new clients who are seeking the service. The last thing you want is for skin analysis machines to go viral overnight on some beauty blog while you have to turn away prospective clients because you don’t offer the service. However, it is a fairly significant investment, so you will want to consider your options accordingly.