Skin Care Trends For 2022

In the new year, we will see some shifts in the skin care trends which dominated in 2021. As a signal of recovery from the pandemic, we will see clients begin to return more and more to their spas, salons and dermatologists where they went for skincare treatment before the pandemic. However, we will also see some of the habits and requests  from these clients change. Clients will begin to seek less harsh, more natural skincare solutions.

Clients will also begin to seek new retail skincare products such as those that protect the skin from both UV and blue light because, although protection from the sun has long been a trend in the skincare niche, there is a growing focus on blue light protection now. Since we spend so much time in front of cell phone and computer screens, and recent studies have shown that excessive blue light exposure can damage skin and lead to premature aging, beauty clients will certainly be seeking out more protection from this type of light as the word spreads on social media.

At Home Skin Care Tools

Although clients will be returning to spas, salons and their dermatologists as they breathe a sigh of relief from the pandemic, certain trends from the pandemic will carry over into the future as, according to experts, the pandemic has permanently altered certain consumer habits. One such consumer habit with regards to the beauty industry is the use of at home skin care tools. Several experts in this area have noted that the demand for facial massage tools and jade skin rollers has grown exponentially and doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Another very popular item which has gained steam thanks to social media is  Gua Sha stones which are used to perform facials that are said to decrease puffiness and contour the skin. 

Gentler Chemical Peels

Coinciding with the overall beauty trend of gentler, more natural products, chemical peels will still be popular in more milder forms. The general idea behind these more natural, less harsh chemical peels is that they will protect the skin’s barrier while still providing sufficient exfoliation. Hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid are two examples of popular ingredients in these gentler chemical peels.

Repairing The Damage From Previous Exfoliation Trends

Everyone in the beauty industry knows that, for a long time, aggressive exfoliation was a central theme in skincare. However, as time passed salon professionals and clients alike realized that all of this aggressive exfoliation was actually damaging skin complexions. For that reason a new trend is appearing with products and creams which seek to repair the damage from all of this over-exfoliation. Some popular ingredients in these repairing creams are chamomile, probiotics, seaweed extracts and peptides. The general idea behind these products is that they will repair the skin’s barrier. Therefore, if you or your clients were previously over-exfoliating, this may be a trend you want to jump on.


As the pandemic has altered consumer behaviour in almost all industries, including beauty, we are now seeing some of the tangible results of this altered behavior. From products which aim to protect the skin from increased time in front of computer screens to at-home facial tools, there has been a shift in how the beauty market relates to its customer. And, while there has been a long-term trend towards more natural, environmentally-friendly beauty products, the past couple of years seems to only have accelerated this trend. Therefore, as clients begin to seek professional beauty services again from spas and salons, many of them are seeking slightly different services than they were before.