Being part of the beauty industry means being in the know with regards to the newest trends and having the ability to fashion these beauty trends onto your clients in a professional, attractive manner. This isn’t always easy since many of the newest hair trends, for example, break traditional styling rules and may be challenging even for experienced stylists. Here we will explore several of these bold trends and explain a little bit about them as well as how they should be completed.


The wolf cut is one of, if not the, most popular hairstyles to appear from Tik Tok at the moment. The wolf cut can probably be most accurately described as a mix between a modified mullet and a vintage shag haircut. However, one important thing to remember about wolf cuts is that volume and layers are important. Wolf cuts typically have shorter layers towards the top of the head so that volume is not flattened and then longer, shaggier layers towards the bottom. The look generally has a “messy” or “rock” vibe to it and it is especially recommended for women with finer hair as this style can be a great way to add volume.


Mullets, which used to be the butt of jokes, now seem to keep making their way back into high fashion and have come back to do so again this summer with this variation being labeled as a “shullet.” The shullet, which differs from traditional mullets in that the length transitions are softer and it is appropriate for hair that is straight or curly. It shot to popularity because it is currently being worn by celebrities and top models like Rihanna and Gigi Hadid. One key that the shullet has and that the mullet lacked is the attention to making sure the hair around the face frames the face of the individual wearer whereas the traditional mullet was mostly cut in a one size fits all manner.


Another hairstyle which seems to have time traveled from decades ago are gamine pixie haircuts. These haircuts which have been described as “boyish,” and thus are called “gamine” which is a styling word traditionally used to talk about boyish haircuts on women, are now gaining popularity again on social media. Pixie haircuts are traditionally low maintenance as there is not a lot of hair length to style or take care of in the first place. They are seen as bold, confident and ideal for mothers or business women who might not have a whole lot of time to use for styling their hair each morning. 


While airy shag haircuts may have part of their popularity due to some of the female characters in Netflix’s popular “Squid Games” series, the airy shag haircut is now making its rounds on social media and gaining even more popularity. As far as styling, even though it has some length to it, it’s easy to style in that you simply let wet hair air dry in order to reveal natural curls and waves. Additionally, you can get away without brushing or combing this style as it typically does not have a set part.


While this summer’s hairstyles seem to have a general theme of combining bold looks with low maintenance, if you do decide to give any one of these styles a try, you might want to consider doing so early on in the summer so that the shorter bangs that come along with several of these styles can be grown out by the time Autumn rolls around and you are ready for a new hairstyle for the cold weather.