Summer 2022 Spa, Salon and beauty trends


As the weather is getting warmer again, new beauty trends will begin filling Facebook and Instagram feeds as they do every summer. Influencers and beauty brands alike will want to be ahead of the curve so that they can claim to be trendsetters and cash in on the new wave of products and social media attention that comes with territory. Spa and salon business owners will also want to be educated about these trends so that they are prepared for the trend related customer requests which inevitably follow.


Bubble braids, which are not really “braids” in a traditional sense use a fluffed up section of hair which is then intermittently flattened with hair elastics to create a “bubble” effect where the hair without the elastics flattening it appears like a bubble. Many social media and search engine metrics show that this trend has grown more than over 165% year over year. For this reason, any spa or salon that offers hair styling services would do well to perfect this style for any clients who want to try this trend out on themselves.


Short nails are not only more practical for warm-weather activities (and most activities for that matter) but they are also now in style. The minimalist and health-related trends in makeup and hair have now made their way to nails. What this means is women are opting for healthier and more natural ways to make their nails beautiful. This means less acrylics and more nail art with polishes and gels. For this reason having a manicurist on staff that specializes in short manicures could make your shop popular this summer.


While women will certainly continue putting dyes, perms and lighteners in their hair this summer season, reparative hair products, which undo the damage of the aforementioned hairstyling products, are jolting into popularity.  Social media and search engine metrics indicate that, since last year, searches for reparative hair products have jumped 85%. “Bonding oil” is a term, within the reparative hair products category, that is also growing in popularity as a type of “styling oil” that promises to increase shine, strength and softness of hair while also providing protection from heat damage to hair. For this reason, stylists should definitely consider educating themselves, and using reparative hair products on their clients.


Vanilla Almond Butter hair, made popular by hair colorist and TikToker Chrissy Rasmussen, is poised to be the most popular hair color this summer. Judging by the most popular video clips and images of this hair color, the style starts with dark, nutty tones at the root of the hair. From there, it morphs into a mix of golden, neutral and icy tones at the mid-length hair and at the tips. Due to the immense amount of social media attention which this style is receiving, any spa or salon which offers hair services would do well to thoroughly acquaint themselves with exactly how this color is supposed to look so that they can perform it correctly on their clients.


While there are sure to be numerous beauty trends popping up on various social media platforms for the summer 2022 season, the trends we discussed here are poised to be some of the most popular. Salons, spas and beauty enthusiasts alike should acquaint themselves with these trends in order to stay on top of their game professionally and stylistically.