Things to Know When Buying a Pedicure chairs

2-pedi-spa-l-240If you’re looking for eco-friendly products, make sure to ask the manufacturer if they use recycled materials, or anything that is environmentally friendly. You can also find pedicure spas that use less water and less energy. The average pedicure spa uses 5 to 6 gallons of water; if you purchase one that has a smaller bowl or lower jets, you’ll use even less!
When financing pedicure spas, try to partner with distributors or finance companies that are familiar with salons and their specific needs. At least one finance company out there adjusts salon payments according to busy and slow seasons.
Make sure to become acquainted with the exact terms of the warranty on any pedicure spa being considered; some cover labor AND parts. Some cover only parts, and some will charge shipping costs, which can cost hundreds—perhaps even thousands—of dollars over time.