Thinking outside the box for Spa and Salon promotion

When it comes to promoting your business, a good dose of creativity can exponentially improve the results you see. Running ordinary Facebook ads or Google ads is a proven way to promote your business but it is the same thing that everyone else is doing and it can quickly become expensive. That’s why, if you want to separate yourself from the crowd, you have to think outside the box and do unconventional things to promote your business. Here we will explore some of the ways which you can think outside the box for the promotion of your business and further suggest actionable ways to implement these ideas as a concrete plan.


Most people are solely focused on following and copying trends and this, in itself, is not bad. After all, people will visit your business and ask you to recreate the hairstyles, manicure styles and makeup styles which are currently popular on social media. And, in order to fulfill your role as a competent professional, you should be able to complete their requests. If you’re not following and copying the trends, providing satisfactory service to your clients becomes much more difficult in this sense. However, what if, instead of copying the latest trend,  you started it? 

And what if your business saw massive growth because you were able to start the latest trend? 

Trends have to start somewhere and, while making a new trend is a matter of timing, creativity, great presentation and a little luck, there are a few guidelines you can follow. For instance, many new trends are created by tweaking or modifying old trends. For instance, if a balayage hair color is currently popular for medium to long hair, it’s quite probable that it could also become popular with a bob or other shorter hairstyle as well. This kind of thinking can help you on your way to finding the next popular hairstyle.


With countless print on demand services, there is really nothing preventing anyone from having keychains, pens, coffee mugs, hair brushes, t-shirts or almost anything else with their business’ logo, website and number on it. It does require a small investment and, if you are giving the items away for free, you may not see a direct or immediate return on your investment. However, having clients who are constantly reminded of your business because they are using your coffee mug or keychain can be a powerful thing. There’s a reason why banks and other large business institutions do this; to have a permanent presence in the personal space of clients. And, giving stuff away for free is a much easier “sell” than actually selling stuff. Since your marketing dollars are getting spent one way or another, it makes sense to diversify and try something like this.


No one wants to be inundated with spam and advertising emails so, what will separate your spa and salon business from the rest of the crowd who does their email advertising this way is that you will use email marketing selectively and intelligently. This means that, instead of sending out the same generic emails to everyone on your email list, you will use purposeful, directed and personalized emails. This could mean sending a sale offer as part of an email to wish your client a happy birthday. This could mean occasionally sending promotional offers specifically for services which that particular client has bought in the past. This could also mean sending thank you emails after the client has visited your business which does not attempt to solicit or market any more business at that moment. The key here is to create an email relationship with your client which does not annoy them and have all of your emails going into the spam folder where they are useless anyway.


One way to increase your clients’, and potential clients’, connection with your spa or salon business is to occasionally hold social events which they can attend for free. This could include things which are tangentially related to this business like a group manicure discount day with free snacks and refreshments. Or, it could be an exclusively social event without the ordinary services of the business included as part of the event. Either way, facilitating situations where clients become more emotionally invested in you and your business apart from the simple transactional relationship you currently have with them can have many positive implications for your business.


In modern times when overt, “strong selling” marketing is often reflexively rejected by clients and potential clients, promoting your business in more creative and subtle ways can be extremely effective. Also, as long as your marketing dollars are going to be spent one way or another, it is certainly worth a try to diversify and see what kind of results you do get with more unconventional tactics.