Trending Beauty Products On TikTok

TikTok has effectively revolutionized the way we learn about new beauty trends. Going viral on TikTok means that makeup and beauty products can go from unknown one day to extremely popular the next due to the speed and reach of this social media platform. Youtube also fills this niche to some extent, but TikTok seems to take it to a whole new level. Due to the nature of the platform, the products which seem to do best on TikTok are novel and provide instantaneous results. Here we will explore, and explain a little about, some such products.

Volcanic Stone Facial Rollers

Although this product is not overly sophisticated, TikTok seems to love it. It really is just a roller ball made from volcanic stone which you can rub over your T-zone, or any other part of your face which feels greasy, in order to remove excess oil. Made popular by Revlon, it’s a reusable replacement to single use facial-blotters and young people are quite fond of it as it seems to do its job of instantly removing excess oil. Since it is only about $10, it is worth a try if you happen to have very greasy skin.

Instant Eye Area Tighteners

Instant eye area tighteners are essentially a variation of old-school clay masks with the application focused on the eye area as opposed to the entire face. It is meant to provide instant (although temporary) tightening of crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes. Like clay masks, instant eye area tighteners contain silicates which are the ingredients responsible for providing this tightening effect. Videos demonstrating the speed at which instant eye area tighteners work quickly gained popularity on TikTok which has caused these products to blow up. They are slightly pricier at around $30 a tube, but beauty enthusiasts on TikTok seem to think it is well worth the price.

Bump Eraser Body Scrubs

Ever notice those tiny pimple-like bumps that pop up all over the backs of your arms and thighs? They actually have a name, keratosis pilaris, and TikTok users are not a fan of them. For this reason, exfoliating body scrubs with ingredients like alpha hydroxy acids have been gaining popularity as a way to buff away some of these small bumps. Now, while there is no magic bullet for keratosis pilaris, and it isn’t harmful anyway, if you don’t like the appearance of these small keratin-filled bumps, you can always pick up an exfoliating body scrub for about $30 to lessen their visibility. 

Combination Eyeliner And Lash Glue

As the name suggests, combination eyeliners can be used as eyeliners, lash glues or both. This makes applying false lashes or “falsies” quicker, easier and less stressful. If you don’t want the eyeliner part but still want a modern lash glue, there are clear options which provide the same non-goopy, modern lash glue without the eyeliner color.

Water Based Bronzers

As more natural looks gain popularity, so do more subtle makeups and water-based bronzers fit this trend perfectly. Instead of heavily caked-on makeup, TikTok has been loving water-based bronzers which just add a little bit of extra color to the skin and leave a slight tint to accent the natural grooves and contours of the face. With numerous options available to match any skin tone, water based bronzers are generally inexpensive at around $10.  


While we will almost certainly get new makeup trends from TikTok on a daily or weekly basis, the products listed above are some of the most popular items at the moment. Therefore, if you are looking for new retail items to stock your salon shelves with or even just something new to try for yourself, start with a few of these.