Build a Great Team for Your Business

We all probably spend a great deal of time working. If your business is your passion, then it also probably leads to quite a few business trips and maybe even some late nights at the office. It is important that you trust and work well with the people you surround yourself with, and form a tight-knit team with them. If you have a strong team relationship with the people you work with, it will go far with building a healthy and successful work environment.


Who should be on your team? When choosing new people to be a part of your team, remember that anyone you hire will represent your business to clients, so remember that when deciding if they fit in with your company culture. What type of clients do you cater to?  Would someone with green hair and tattoos be acceptable to them working on their hair or nails?  A full service salon cater to all different types of clients, and it might seem more normal or fine in that case. On the other hand, with an upscale or high end business, you may want to present a more elegant appearance. So try to match your business model with the employees you select, it may mean the difference between losing clients and gaining new ones.  You only have one chance to make a first impression, and for clients walking in the front door that impression must be a positive one!  Otherwise you run the risk that your clients will be walking out as a fast as they walked in! You also want to ensure that your staff is equally qualified, with knowledge of the services that your shop performs, but who also gives a high level of customer service and the proper interaction with clients. They can impact your business and how fast you grow.


How should your team interact? In addition to how well your staff works with clients and their individual interactions, there is another part of building a great team that deals with interaction among each other. It is very important to ensure that everyday interactions are always positive, since it can affect the whole team dynamic. Since you are the business owner, it is always your duty to provide direction and influence, but also inspire how your team interacts.If you want to create or form a team element, then it all starts with you and how you interact with your employees. You will want to do your best to be a leader in the eyes of your employees, instead of just a boss. Leaders will coach their employees, give credit where it is due, generate enthusiasm, and help mend situations. If you use the “we” element when speaking with employees, it will really help to establish a real team element at your business!