How to install pedicure chair Discharge Pump ?

Most people tend to neglect their feet thinking that nobody would bother to check whether they’re clean or not anyway. But as they discover the important reasons to get a pedicure and the benefits, more and more people are paying for pedicure services. If you are a business-minded person who wants to start a spa business, it might be a great idea to focus on pedicure services. As you go on checking the things that you need to do, you would likely come across a suggestion of buying a discharge pump. You might frown and ask “what is a discharge pump?” and “do I really need it? Find out why it is crucial to your prospective pedicure business. and the most important thing is “How to install pedicure chair discharge pump ? “. This article will help you answer you.

Before you begin installing, you need to know the following:

A discharge pump refers to the element that pumps and drains wastewater from a pedicure chair. The pump could be located behind the drain across the room or within a wall. Sometimes, it is also referred to as a drain pump.


You need to have a discharge pump most especially when you don’t have a floor drain in your spa. Usually, plumbers install floor drains with new construction, particularly in the locations of pedicure chairs. Gravity will then do all of the work. Wastewater from the foot spa will go down to the drain. If a plumber can’t manage to break the floor to add drains, the drain will be put behind the pedicure chair instead. This is why you will need a discharge pump, to push the wastewater into the wall, rather than letting it flow down the drain.

If your spa doesn’t drain wastewater straight down and you don’t have a discharge or a drain pump, the wastewater will become stagnant or it may drain slowly. Most of the time, people think that the pedicure chair itself causes the problem. But in reality, all they need to do is to buy a drain pump.


Actually, you can; however, it is not a great idea as it’s costly and proves to be quite a hassle. Pedicure chairs are usually manufactured in a factory and then shipped to customers. They are made to order. During the pedicure chair assembly, the pump will be installed. However, in case it breaks and you have no choice but to install a new one

And finally, this is what you expect “How to install pedicure chair discharge pump” , here’s what you have to do:

  1. Buy a discharge pump kit (this is usually more costly than ones installed in factories)
  2. Fix the pump under the chair
  3. Connect pipelines
  4. A hole must be drilled in the spa’s base (to add a new button)
  5. Don’t make a mistake
  6. Possibly void the warranty

You must be extra careful when you do these steps. Since plumbing work usually requires expertise, anything can go wrong. In case of a mistake, the manufacturer has the right to review and void the warranty. Quite a burden, isn’t it?

Some of you may also think of using an old discharge pump for your new pedicure chair. It is possible; however, you should consider the compatibility. Most of the time, it wouldn’t work and might cause some problems in the long run.

Everything will be easy if you know how to do it!