Important furniture in a salons


When opening a nail salon, one has to buy a wide range of equipment for spa salon, tools and supplies. One of the most important furniture pieces that need to be purchased is a pedicure chair.

This pedicure chair is an important part of any nail salon or a spa. Also, reception desk  needs to be bought in salons and spas that wish to offer a wide range of services including nail art and pedicures. In order to accommodate a lot of customers at a given point of time, it is important to have several seats in the pedicure chair.

One would get a wide array of styles and range when planning to shop for this kind of salon furniture. This furniture may be available in different materials like wood, glass, fiberglass and more. Since there are several models available in the market and each model looks quite different from one another, one must select a model that goes perfectly well with the overall d├ęcor and interiors of the salon. On the basis of these styles, the cost of the furniture also varies greatly.

These pedicure chairs may be available in traditional or highly sophisticated styles. These pedicure chairs can be bought in cutting edge and modern style or classic wooden style as per requirements. One must also give attention to the space available in the salon for these chairs. If the space is limited, it is better to go with compact pedicure chair with storage capacity. In salons, where a lot of space is available, one can go for comfortable and larger reception desk .

  1. The interior decorator in the salon can help in choosing pedicure chairs that blends well with the salon surroundings. Chairs can be chosen either in the same color theme or in contrasting colors. In a spa that has conventional and classic design, classic chair collection may be opted. There are chairs that come along with a jet technology that is pipeless. Adjustable footrests help clients to place their foot comfortably and get pedicure done. Side trays made up of solid oak can also be attached with the chair. Matching stools with these pedicure chairs are also available. Chairs requiring minimum space are available in dimensions-72inches x 44nches. Here, 72 inches is the length of the pedicure chair and 44 inches is the width.
  2. If the spa has wooden interiors, one can go for pedicure chairs that come with wooden lamination. Wooden parts are used in the pedicure chair available in the collection. These equipment for spa salon offer comfortable and cozy appearance. Earthy colors like cream, brown, black and maroon colors can be used with their distinct wood finish. Many chairs come along with warranty that proves their durability.