Interested in Finding the Most Popular Pedicure Chairs for Sale?

As a spa or salon owner, one of the biggest choices you may have to make is what brand or model pedicure chair do you want to purchase? Finding the most popular pedicure chairs for sale is important, since your customers will want to come to your spa to be pampered. There are many different types and brands of pedicure chairs, and choosing the right pedicure chairs for sale is a big part of pampering your patrons, and you will find that the perfect pedicure chair can add the right charm and beauty to your salon or spa. So, with all the choices available today, how can you ensure that your selection is the best pedicure chair for your business?


Think About Adding Massaging Rollers

Most pedicure chairs for sale today come complete with rollers inserted just underneath the chair’s padding. Being able to receive a massage while getting a pedicure is a huge incentive for people to come back to your spa for repeat visits, and the more comfortable the massage the better. People go to the spa or salon not just to look beautiful, but also to relax. Finding the right pedicure chair for sale with really good massage action can create many regular customers for you if you can invest a little more. The best pedicure chairs are definitely pricier, but the ability for a client to receive massages will bring them back again and again!

Cleo GX
Cleo GX

Check Out Product Reviews

There are many kinds of pedicure chairs for sale, and they are not all created equal. Even though you will probably have a certain budget that you have to stick by, it is also important to find one that will last for several years and not break down every few months. Make sure the pedicure chair you choose is able to drain the water in the tub completely without help, since there are some models that have difficulty with this function. Pedicure technicians do not usually have time to do this by hand during the course of a busy day, so look for issues like these when you go over the reviews. These online reviews are usually from real people who have purchased that specific item in the past, so they are a great source of product knowledge that can steer you in the right direction with regards to your long-term happiness with the item.


Pick a Pedicure Chair for All Body Types

You may want to consider that, the larger the chair the better. Not everyone is created the same size, and you will probably have clients of all sizes and shapes come into your salon. It is very important they are comfortable. Make allowances for customers who may be taller and wider than normal, as well as heavier. Having the ability to sit larger clients will increase your business, as you will not have to turn people away because of chair limitations. It’s also a great way to show them you care!

All Upholstery is Not Created Equal

Think about the hardness or softness of the upholstery in your pedicure chairs, and how much a part it plays with how people are feeling about your salon. First impressions can go a long way, and it’s usually the visual aspect of the chair that people will take in first of all. Take advantage of this and create the right effect for the look you are trying to create. For instance, if you are trying for a modern feel, then you might consider a black leather pedicure chair with a chrome finish for the exposed metal. A pink or maroon color with bronze finishing’s may work well for a more retro feel.

Remember to take a little time out of your day to think about what atmosphere or effect you want to create in your salon or spa, and then try and find the right pedicure chair for sale that fits!