Maintenance on Spa Pedicure Chairs

Maintenance pedicure chair

It is recommended to keep up with the routine cleaning and maintenance on your salon’s spa pedicure chairs. This will allow your equipment to last longer over time. Routine cleaning should be performed on a daily basis. This is where the basin and chair should be washed and sanitized with a hospital grade solution. Make sure to remove all pieces of accessories that come in contact with the water and clean those individually, such as the jet covers, impellers, etc. To keep the pipes clean from bacteria, run a 10 minute cycle of water mixed with disinfectant, like Lysol, Clorox etc. and then drain.

The massage chair can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth and then dried with a separate towel. There are sprays that can safely be used on the vinyl or leather materials. Try not to use benzene, a type of solvent, or any other thinner when cleaning your chair. Especially when you are cleaning these types of cost efficient spa pedicure chairs.

Mechanically, the spa pedicure chair should be routinely checked every 6 months. This is a form a preventative maintenance to keep any major problems from happening over time. A typical maintenance check or tune up will consist of checking that all screws and bolts are tight, no loose wires are present, checking for the condition and strength of the motors, and checking for corrosion.

Sometimes a part may need to be replaced. You want to make sure that your chair has the most updated parts. As years pass, new parts/accessories will come out to replace the older ones. Having your chairs checked twice a year will make this replacement easier on your hired service technician/s. Find more affordable pedicure chairs at