Massage pedicure chair and Pregnancy

Massage pedicure chair and Pregnancy

Pedicure chair is used safely for pregnant women. However, there are many women who are afraid that the Pedicure massage chair can cause low back spasm. Please be advised that, Dr. Craig G. Morton recommend using a lumbar support when sitting on a pedicure chair. Proper ergonomics can go a long way towards prevention of low back pain. Moms are always worried about their babies being affected by the pedicure chair’s vibration function; however they should know that their baby is completely wrapped in blood, bone, and fluid, which keep them well protected.  So therefore, when a pregnant women sit in a vibrating chair, it’s no different for their baby than if they were to run up and down the stairs.

On the contrary, we also found that:  If you choose to get a pedicure, the concern is that, in reflexology, the nerve endings from your uterus and reproductive organs terminate around your ankles, and massage in that region can stimulate early contractions and pre-term labor.  Additionally, since pregnant women are six times at greater risk to develop blot clots in the legs, massage or heavy vibrations from a foot spa bath can dislodge them and cause cardiac or pulmonary embolisms resulting in heart attack or death.  Please ask your doctor before going to go get a pedicure. In addition, as a salon owner, make sure you have at least two of these whole sale price pedicure chairs at your salon for your pregnant customers.

What to avoid:

Avoid fumes:  avoid nail polish because of the fumes .Especially the fumes and questionability of nail-polish remover on the skin … if it has toluene in it that is bad as it is a carcinogen.  Getting your nails clipped and buffed is no biggie, but if it is a place that does the” epoxy nails” I would avoid it because you don’t want to be breathing that. The only thing to make sure of is that the salon is well ventilated so you are not breathing in all the fumes….. Avoid pressure on a certain part of your foot which causes contractions.

Avoid getting an infection: The possible risk for anyone having a manicure or pedicure is that of infection from imperfectly sterilized equipment. An infection during pregnancy is additionally concerning, as your baby is also at risk for exposure to any infection that you acquire. With that in mind, keep these precautions in mind when choosing a salon: Clippers and other tools should be properly sterilized in an autoclave sterilizer; non-metal files, buffers, and sticks should not be reused; and pedicure baths should be sanitized, for example. You can also bring your own tools, if you prefer. Your technician should wear new gloves. Ask that your cuticles – which protect the nail bed from bacteria and fungus – not be cut or pushed back. And look to see that the salon and each nail technician has posted a license of certification.

A pedicure can work wonders in the last trimester, soothing sore feet, increasing circulation, and reducing swelling — not to mention making you feel a whole lot prettier. What to avoid: Do be sure the manicurist does not massage the area between your anklebone and heel .it could trigger contractions).

Last but not least: for those of you, who can’t make it to the salon:  clip and file your nails and try this sumptuous soak at home? We also recommend this whole sale price pedicure portable spa. Mix equal parts brown sugar and olive oil, then scoop up a handful and massage your feet and legs, paying special attention to your heels and any other rough spots. Then soak your feet in a basin or bathtub filled with warm water and a capful of your favorite body wash. Pat dry, then moisturize with something that smells yummy. Last step: Polish if you can reach — if not, press your partner into service. (Promise a great tip!) Giving your nails the five-star treatment is one of the many ways to deal with nail changes during pregnancy (both good and bad).

In conclusion, Being pregnant does not mean, you cannot keep up with the trends and feel fashionable. There are always the time for beauty; however, you should prioritize what it is the most important which is taking care of the “baby and yourself”.