Nail Ideals

Nail art is on-trend to now, to get inspired with easy nail art designs: polka dot nails,newspaper nails, leopard print nails .

1. Polka Dot

Two nail varnishes, A hair grip
– Paint your nails with one of your colours. Allow it to dry.
– Dip the end of the hair grip into your second nail varnish.
– Using the round end of the hair grip, dab it on to your nails. The round end creates dots.
– Repeat on all nails and you will see spotty nails

2. Newspaper

A pale nail varnish, A sheet of newspaper, An eggcup of vodka, A clear nail varnish or topcoat, Scissors,
– Cut the newspaper into 10 pieces, roughly two inches wide and one inch long.
– Apply two coats of pale nail polish and let it dry completely.
– Dip one fingernail in the vodka.
– Press a strip of newspaper onto the nail, being careful to cover the Whole nail and to keep it still. Allow the vodka to soak through.
– Peel the paper off slowly.
– Once every nail is done and the vodka has dried.

3. Leopard Print

– Paint your nails with the base colour. Allow it to dry.
– Paint dots on the nail using the contrasting colour. The less perfect, – – the better the effect, you will see different sizes and shapes but don’t worry
– Use the nail art pen to outline the dots.