Nails care

Healthy nails are a short cut to looking well-groomed but they do need a bit of TLC to keep them in good condition. If your nails are less than photo-ready, get your hands out of your pockets and follow our easy nail care tips.


Good nutrition will keep your nails flexible and strong and your cuticles well-conditioned. “Nutrition has a huge impact on circulation – and it is blood that carries the nutrients you eat to the matrix of nails,” says Denny. Include plenty of the following in your diet: green leafy veg, raisins, almonds and poultry; broccoli, eggs, spinach and carrots; and Brazil nuts, steak and pumpkin seeds.

Exposure to chemicals, water,soaps and detergents will weaken your nails – so wear rubber gloves when cleaning. Use rubber gloves will help your nail strong

Ridges on Fingernails

As the nail grows from the nail bed, there is sometimes a temporary disturbance in the growth, which results in a corrugated appearance or ridges – it’s totally natural and don’t worry.

Cuticle Care

Having healthy cuticles is a key way to ensure that your nails grow evenly and have a good colour. Cuticles are often neglected and mistreated, so apply hand cream after washing hands to prevent them drying out and becoming ragged. If yours are in particularly bad shape, or you use household chemicals regularly, rub cuticle cream to the base of your nails daily to stimulate circulation, promote growth and prevent hangnails from forming.

White Flecks on Nails

White flecking occurs typically when trauma to the delicate nail fold (under the cuticle) receives a knock or bang, but occasionally it can be a zinc deficiency. The NHS recommends you get 4-7mg of zinc per day from meat, shellfish, dairy, bread or cereal products. You need note your nail when word and eat many food have many vitamin

What Are Nails Made Of?

Nails are made of keratin, a hard fibrous protein. They lie on a nail bed rich in blood vessels, which give the nail its colour. Healthy nails have a good supply of blood flowing to them and look pink. Nails grow from a matrix of active cells, beneath a fold of skin and from the lunula.