Pedicure massage

pedicure massage

Why it is important for the salon owners and the pedicurists to improve their skills in pedicure massage?

Everybody might have heard about massage once. And whoever had a chance to get a massage: We are pretty sure; they would love to have it more than once .I know I would .Especially after a long week of hard work .Most definitely. So that is why it is important for the salon owners and the pedicurists to improve their skills in pedicure massage and also to purchase an affordable comfortable pedicure chairs. Here come useful tips for you.

Pedicure massage introduction

Foot massage during a pedicure stimulates blood flow which relaxes the client. DO NOT massages if client has high blood pressure, heart condition, or had a stroke.  Pedicure massage increases circulation and may be harmful to such a client.  Have your client consult a physician before receiving a pedicure massage.  The below techniques provide directions for pedicure massage of the left foot.

Pedicure massage techniques

  1. Rest client’s foot on footrest or stool.  Grab the leg just above the ankle with your left hand.  This will brace the client’s leg and foot.  Use your right hand to hold left foot just beneath toes and rotate foot in circular motion.
  2. Place both thumbs on top of foot at instep.  Move your thumbs in circular movements in opposite directions down the center of the top of the foot.  Continue this movement to the toes.  Keep one hand in contact with foot or leg, slide one hand at a time back firmly to instep and rotate back down to toes.
  3. Use the same thumb movement that you did in the pedicure massage technique above.  Start at the base of the toes and move from the ball of the foot to the heel, rotating your thumbs in opposite directions.  Slide hands back to the top of the foot.
  4. With the little toe, using thumb on top and index finger on bottom of foot.  Hold each toe and rotate with the thumb.  Start at base of toe and work towards the end of the toes. Start with the little toe and make a figure eight with each toe.  Repeat 3-5 times.
  5. Make a fist with your fingers and keep your thumb out.  Apply firm pressure with your thumb and move your fist up the heel towards the ball of the foot.  Work from the left side of foot and back down the right side towards the heel.  As you perform pedicure massage over the bottom of the foot, check for any nodules or bumps.  If you find one, be very gentle because area may be tender.
  6. Place your fingers: on top of foot along the metatarsal bones. Then place your thumb underneath the foot.  Knead up and down along each bone by raising your thumb and lower fingers to apply pressure.  Repeat 3-5 times.
  7. Place left hand on top of foot and make a fist with your right hand.  Your left hand will apply pressure while your right hand twists around the bottom of the foot.  Repeat 3-5 times.
  8. Place fingers at ball of foot.  Move fingers in circular movements in opposite directions.  Massage to end of each toe, gently squeezing the tip of each toe.

Use fingertips to perform percussion or tapotement movements to lightly tap over the entire foot to reduce blood circulation and complete pedicure massage. We recommend this whole sale price pedicure chairs purchased by so many salon owners/spa. Loved by their clients as well. In brief, take advantage of these tips mentioned above to improve your massage skills  which will result in more revenue for your business.