Pedicures and Relaxation

A home pedicure is the ideal way to relax and feel pampered without spending much money. Spa visits are expensive and, usually, reserved for special occasions. The home pedicure is very easily performed at home giving the same relaxation and pampered feeling.

A nice, relaxing pedicure aids in calming the body and mind and a boost in emotional health and well being.

Let’s face it, our feet work very hard and it’s easy for the nails and texture of the skin around the nails to become rough and unsightly.

You will find that the average home has everything you need to perform a pedicure at home. You will need a small tub, preferably one that performs a vibrating action, a soak mixture which you can purchase or make yourself, a towel, an exfoliator, a good book and your chosen, relaxing music along with a glass of your favorite wine.

One of the goals of your home pedicure is to relax completely without looking at your watch and being aware of time.

Fill the tub with a favorite bath soak. If you decide to make your own rather than purchase it, the two following are good soaks–1 cup honey and 1 gallon warm water and the second recipe–1/2 cup Epsom salts and 1/2 dozen drops of peppermint extract. Sit in a high back, gentle music, comfortable chair with your feet in the small tub and relax to the sound of your favorite, which provides the ultimate relaxation. Begin massaging your calves with the exfoliator using a circular motion. A small neck pillow is a perfect asset to feeling pampered after a period of relaxing and soaking.

Relax, take your time to enjoy. Dead skin and grunge will be removed by the process encouraging blood flow. Your skin will look and feel totally refreshed.

Sit back, relax and enjoy your time of total rejuvenation. Free your mind of anything and everything. Remember this is your time. Once you feel refreshed and renewed, it’s time to moisturize your skin. One of the best things for long lasting skin rejuvenation is virgin coconut oil.

Now you’re ready to clean the coconut oil moisturizer from your toenails with nail polish remover so that the nail polish will adhere to the nails.

A pedicure at home offers many options for new pedicure designs or, if you prefer, a French pedicure which is a favorite of many.

Gather the polishes to help achieve the look you decide you want and apply two coats of polish and dry thoroughly. Now you are ready to enjoy your freshly done home pedicure and probably a pair of the newest, fashion forward sandals.