Prestigious Careers In Beauty

When people think of careers in beauty, many only think about the typical jobs like stylist, nail technician or general esthetician. However, there are actually many exciting and prestigious careers in the beauty field which we will explore in this article. From celebrity stylists, to working on yachts and cruise ships, here are some ways to break out of the ordinary routine if you are looking to do so. 

Stylist On A Yacht Or Cruise Ship

Boat owners hire chefs, cleaning crews, entertainment and, yes, stylists. When high net worth individuals are enjoying themselves out at sea, they want to have all the options available to them so that they can do what they please and this includes going to the stylist. Stylists who work on yachts and cruise ships can expect to interact with a plethora of interesting clients as they get to travel all over the world in a way most people cannot afford to do. If this type of career switch sounds interesting to you, spruce up your resume and social media content and find out which yachts or cruise ships currently have openings.

Product Design

If you are knowledgeable in the beauty business and have artistic ability, you might decide to take your career for a creative turn and go into product design. Product design can include everything from custom acrylic nail offerings to hair accessories and makeup. If this sounds like something you would like to do, start by creating some designs and get feedback from your clients, friends and family. Try to get their honest opinions and, if they seem genuinely excited about your products, get some prototypes made with a local or international manufacturer. If all goes well you can sell your custom products online, at your salon or both. 

Celebrity Stylist

Although there is a chance you will come into contact with celebrities if you work as a stylist on a yacht or cruise ship, if you really want to rub shoulders with the elite, you could become a celebrity stylist. Now, becoming a celebrity stylist will not happen overnight and you will have to win over a lot of clients and influence before getting there. Therefore, if you do want to become a celebrity stylist, you should put together a strong portfolio which you can show off online and at events which are likely to be visited by celebrities and their entourage. If your preparation meets the right opportunity, you may be well on your way to becoming a celebrity stylist. 

Body Painter

Another prestigious career which actually could help you get your foot in the door as a celebrity artist, is body painting. Body painters typically work closely with advertisers, fashion shows, television and movie producers and established online publications. For these reasons, it is a great first step towards becoming a celebrity stylist because you can show off your talents in mediums frequented by celebrities. 


Most people in the beauty industry will follow the common career paths of stylist, esthetician or nail technician at an ordinary salon or spa. However, for those looking for excitement, adventure and a hefty pay raise, there are other opportunities out there. While these opportunities might take a little extra hard work and luck, they certainly are not impossible to achieve. Therefore, if one of these exciting career-paths interests you, start acting now to achieve your goal.