Professional Cutting Shears

A hair stylist who specializes in cutting hair daily knows the importance of a great pair of shears. They are not just an ordinary pair of scissors. Professional grade shears are made of the highest quality of stainless steel which allows them to be durable, with longer lasting blade sharpness.

AHA406 Scissors

On, both Kretzer (German made, usually with a beveled edge with tiny serrations on one blade to help prevent hair from slipping) and Akara (Japanese made, usually with a convexed edge where only the edges of the blade come in contact with the hair) brand shears are sold. They both are well made and allow the stylist to cut hair without the need for excessive thumb pressure which will cause pain in the hand over time. Although they come with a warranty, there’s still basic maintenance that is required to keep the shears in the best working order…

  • Clean shears after each haircut
  • Make sure its dry between the blades (keeps down corrosion)
  • Oil daily
  • Regularly check the tension and adjust when necessary  (this prevents folding of the hair and dulling of the blades)
  • Use only to cut hair (best when there is no product in the hair)
  • When not in use, keep the blades closed
  • Store them away dry and clean in a protective case

There are 3 main blade styles:

  1. Straight blades – standard cutting
  2. Thinning blades – removes bulk from long, thick hair (the more teeth means more hair can be removed)
  3. Textured blades – gives a layering effect, softens the hair style