Protecting Your Credit Card Information

Protecting You Credit Card Information

So you’re in the market for the latest pedicure chairs on the market, but you are having a hard time finding a local company that suits your style.  There are a lot of online companies that will satisfy your taste and budget, however, you are skeptical about spending such a large amount of money online or over the phone.  That is definitely understandable, your personal information is something that you should keep secure.  Most online companies just care about the payment that you are making with them but they do not care whether or not you are the card or account holder.  With Spa Salon US keeping your information secure is just as important to us as it is for you.

When you purchase your salon/ spa equipment or pedicure chair parts with Spa Salon US, anything that you buy, goes through the AVS process.  Completing the AVS is simple and it gives you security and peace of mind as a consumer.  In order for Spa Salon US to continue processing your order, the address on your credit card has to match the address that we are shipping to.  The most common practice for companies is to ask for the billing address to your card and the address you will like to ship to.  That is not the safest method.  What if someone gets a hold of your credit card or bank account information and they know the billing address to your account?  If they do, they can still place an order anywhere they like because they have all the necessary information to complete their order.  They would not be able to order spa equipment with us.  If they are unable to update the address on the card to the address they want the order shipped to they will not be able to use any of your hard earned money with Spa Salon US.  We are the leader spa/salon furniture industry, been in business for over 10 years and we found that this is the best way to keep our clients safe.

Next time you are placing for your spa/ salon equipment, whether it is an order for a drain plug or pedicure chairs, think about the practices of the company you are ordering with.  Before you pay ask yourself these questions.  Do they care about me as a consumer?  Will my information be safe? How long has this company been in business? If you cannot come up with a positive answer to all 3 of those questions about another company, Spa Salon US is the best place for to order with for all of your business needs.