Providing Quality Massages At Your Spa

Because we are still in the midst of a pandemic, everyone has a little bit of added stress and anxiety on top of their ordinary obligations. Because of this, people are more likely to seek alternative ways to reduce that stress and anxiety. Massages are a great, healthy way to accomplish stress reduction and, if your spa can provide a great massage, you could have a very consistent revenue stream during these times. Let’s explore some of the puzzle pieces which need to come together to ensure that you are providing a great service which clients will be happy to return to time and time again.

Your Massage Setup

In order to provide a great massage, you need to have an appropriate environment set up at your spa. For one thing, this should be a quiet place free from excess noise and distraction as your clients will want the best possible opportunity to relax while they receive your services. Also, there should be a level of privacy provided since many clients will not want to expose themselves to strangers in the process of getting ready for or receiving a massage. Next, you will want to have all of the appropriate equipment ready and have staff who are familiar with utilizing the equipment. What equipment is best will differ from spa to spa but, normally, you will want to start with a high quality massage table like those available on You may also want massage stones, massage stone heaters and electronic devices such as eye massagers or handheld devices to improve the overall quality of the experience for your client.

Benefits Of Massages For Your Clients

Having well-rounded knowledge regarding massages is important if you plan on providing this service. Part of this well-rounded knowledge includes knowing and understanding the benefits of massages. One of the most well-known and most focused on benefits of massages is a reduction in stress. Since stress, colloquially nicknamed “the silent killer,” has numerous negative effects on one’s health, understanding that massages can reduce stress levels is important to understand and relay to your clients. As an added, but related, benefit to this reduction in stress, massages can improve the quality of sleep. Furthermore, in a time when many people are overweight from sedentary lives and may have circulation issues, massages can improve circulation which, in turn, can reduce fatigue and pain. Massages can also reduce pain and improve flexibility by loosening stiff, sore muscles. Lastly, massages can actually improve our immune system because, when we receive a massage, our lymphatic tissue is stimulated and lymphatic tissue helps our bodies fight off bacteria, viruses and other foreign entities. You will want to have all of this in mind when you or your staff provide massages for clients because questions for any service, including massages, are likely to come up. You do not want to be caught off guard or seem unknowledgeable as this can be very unappealing in a professional setting.  

Marketing Your Massages

While some people may be experienced with getting massages and acutely aware of the benefits, others might not be acquainted with massages and this is where good marketing can help do some of the educating for you. One good way to market your massage services is to highlight the overall health benefits of massages and how those benefits might correspond with the goals of your clients. For instance, massages are known to boost the immune system and reduce toxins in the bloodstream due to the stimulation of lymphatic tissue. Therefore, focusing on this benefit of massages during a pandemic, or even just during cold and flu season, could help peak the interest of your potential clients. Likewise, if you are near a college or gym where competitive sports are played, you might highlight how massages can improve flexibility and reduce swelling after injuries. This would likely play well into the potential interests of your clients. Also, the medium for how you are delivering the marketing message for your massage services should be appropriate. If you are targeting a younger, more athletic audience, Facebook may be a good avenue for your promotion. However, if you are targeting older clients who may use the internet more for information and less for social media, Google ads may be a better route to go since you can bid on search terms which your potential clients are likely to type. This is why studying your local market is important for the success of all of your spa services including massages.


Massages can certainly be a win-win situation for your spa and for your client if they are performed correctly. Your spa will benefit from the revenue and your client will benefit from the health benefits and reduction in stress from massages. Therefore, if all of the pieces are in place, this is the perfect time to add massage services to your spa or increase your marketing efforts related to massage services.