Salon decor

salon decor

Why use salon Décor? And know where to get affordable and a variety of choices.

The beauty industry is all about looking good, and the choices you make to decorate your salon determine how good you look to your clients. Consider your salon decor as an extension of your brand. Everything from the floors to the mirrors should make a statement about who you are, what you do, and who you want to serve. In a business where style matters, a salon’s interior sets the tone for what customers can expect and finding these salon decors at a lower cost or an affordable price is a plus.

Please follow these five easy tips below that we have put together for you when you are decorating your salon at an affordable price.

1.Do Pick a Theme

Pick a theme that reflects your salon’s mission, location, target audience and market. A Hollywood-themed salon may work in Los Angeles, but could turn off clients in no-nonsense New York. Choose paint colors that capture the essence of your salon’s theme. Neutral earth tones work well in a salon with a day spa.

2.Do Pick a Style

Select a style synonymous with your salon’s demographics. Are you an upscale salon? If so, choose accents and finishes such as crystal chandeliers and marble countertops. If your salon is located in historic district, include wrought iron hardware and cherry wood finishes. Perhaps your salon caterers to men. If so, provide sturdy leather seating and masculine touches like chrome hardware and stainless steel. Family focused salons should include bright primary colors, especially if you want to promote children’s services.

3.Do Go Bold: Make a bold statement with contrasting colors, oversized mirrors and “statement lighting.”

Use large mirrors to help create an expansive feel. Industrial or “statement lighting” fixtures give salons a cutting-edge vibe. If your salon has high ceilings, add drama with floor-to-ceiling drapes in velvet or silk. Add a pop of color to a monochromatic salon, such as a stunning red couch in the waiting area in an all-white salon.

4.Don’t Get Caught in the Past

Avoid looking dated and out of style. Unless your salon is based on a 1950s theme, steer clear of retro salon furniture. Consult with an interior designer or salon designer about trends, and about ways to “future-proof” your salon by purchasing timeless fixtures.

Display updated portraits of current style trends only. Use dated styling chairs and hair dryer seating. Replace vinyl flooring with sleek wood or wood laminate floors. Use modern cabinetry and storage units. Update signage, including your logo if it features any dated images.

5.Don’t Clutter

Clutter sends the wrong message to customers. It says your salon is unorganized. Clean lines and organized spaces evoke tranquility and efficiency.

Keep windows free of hanging plants. Besides taking up valuable display space, plants can also attract bugs, the last thing customers want to see in a salon.

Keep your retail display clean, de-cluttered and inviting. Remove stacks of old magazines. Nothing screams “out of touch” like a stack of 10-year-old publications.

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