Spa Pedicure Chairs – prepare for salon owners

spa pedicure chairs for new spa owners
Spa pedicure chairs for new spa owners

Features of good spa pedicure chairs

Opening or building a beauty salon requires a lot of decisions.  One of the most important elements is selecting the right equipment for your salon to fit the services you offer.  Another important aspect is establishing a manageable budget.  A manageable budge includes what you WANT and what you NEED in your spa pedicure chairs.  Consider what kind of jets you NEED, what kind of massage you NEED, and what KIND of spa pedicure chairs will best satisfy your customers and employees.  Also consider requirement sanitations from your state. In addition, you want to ask what kinds of jets are best for your whirlpool spa pedicure chairs;

You want to make sure your spa pedicure chairs are equipped with pipe-less jets. The pipe-less jet whirlpool system is a running impeller with a jet that is placed inside the foot basin of the spa pedicure chairs, which means there are no inner pipes connnected, so there are no hoses to clean and no bacteria buildup. The basin of the spa pedicure chairs wil always remain clean. Since spa pedicure chairs are easy to clean due to the pipe-less jet system, it is recommended for all salons today.

The next important aspect to consider when purchasing the right spa pedicure chairs for your salon is the comfort of your client. Most owners prefer having spa pedicure chairs equipped with True-Touch or Human Touch back massage systems. The best way to test the comfort of the spa pedicure chairs is to test them: sit in them, test all the massage functions of the chair. If you walk away feeling relaxed after the time spent in the spa pedicure chairs of your choice, more than likely your customer will have the same feeling when they leave your salon.

No need for unnecessarily luxury spa pedicure chairs – comfort is best

It is always necessary that one has to have the right budget. New spa pedicure chairs can cost from $ 1,500 to $ 4,000, but the investment is necessary if you are concerned that your customers will get the experience most satisfactorily. You should set a budget before you even start shopping so you do not overspend when you see the great designs and options. Every salon owner wants the best equipment for their salon, but you do not want to pay for the features and options that you will not need. Unlike many home items, this price is not always directly proportional to the quality. To maximize the potential of your salon’s profits, it is important to have spa pedicure chairs that leave your guests with the feeling of stress relief and relaxation.

Cleaning spa pedicure chairs:

Another important factor is that one should always ask how spa pedicure chairs are cleaned. This is essential because toenail infections can be dangerous and is transmitted easily through the water circulation. The bacteria that cause toenail infections can be introduced in a natural way through the water supply, but this can only happen if the jet and the display unit are not properly drained. Therefore, you should always ask for instructions of cleaning and disinfection of any unit you are buying to ensure that cleaning is made easy.

There should be more stress on the cleanliness of the spa pedicure chairs no matter how clean the vendor claims they are. The units must also be disinfected with antibacterial, germicide and fungicide that are registered with the EPA. This is very important because there have been some cases of deaths as a result of the toenail infections.

One should ensure that the disinfectant that is used is whirlpool friendly. This means that the spa pedicure chairs can be cleaned using jets and whirlpool. Fumigation should be done before and after each use, which will ensure that you are safe.

Spa pedicure chairs – on the way

One should visit other spas and ask questions about spa pedicure chairs to learn more about different experiences of different kinds of chairs. You should also ask about the names of leading brands spa pedicure chairs that are used in the other salons. You should also ask for their durability and their functions.

The features of the spa pedicure chairs vary from one manufacturer to another. The choices will largely depend on your pocket book. The features one should look for include: a recycled backrests, light mod, color inserts, hand washer and headrest. Finally, the most important features to consider are durability, safety, health, and comfort.

To install spa pedicure chairs:

Most spa pedicure chairs are not required to be bolt to the floor. Installation guide will be illustrated in the user manual. When installing spa the pedicure chairs, it is always necessary to seek help from a plumber and a qualified electrician. These professionals will ensure that you maintain your warranty. The experts will also ensure that you have adhered to the local plumbing and electrical codes.