Spring Hair color trends

This year, there are some important trends that fashionista need to know. These trends include bright, dramatic new colors, new techniques that shape your face, as well as brush strokes and general color trends that determine the look of the season. Check out our highlights below.


If you like bright, dynamic colors then this trend is for you. It blends orange and red shades, and the result is a striped red head. The style takes its name from blood orange, and it pairs well with pink tones to create a variety of shades. The color combination looks beautiful not only as a full-color style, but also as an ombre effect.


Eclipting is all about face sculpting. The ingenious color scheme helps the face look significantly slimmer. Hair color styles also work great in accentuating eyes, making hair look thicker and in more beauty needs. Unlike blorange, bright spots are not based on a single color palette. The color itself varies from person to person at the stylist’s discretion, but the technique remains the same. If you’re looking for an impressive style with lots of added benefits then this is the trend for you.

Warm Tones

Whether you’re showering with blond hair, brown hair or red skin, expect warm strands of filament while looking in the mirror. While some of the cooler trends of previous years continue to play out, most of the new styles adhere to the warmth. Your yellows will evoke a vibrant summer day, and the tones will look like polished seeds. It’s a suitable color change for next season and stylists prepare for a wide range of applicable color requirements.

Carry Over Hair Trends

The sleek gray and silver dyes were in vogue last year and they are still going strong despite the rise of warmer tones. However, expect to see these styles merge. There’s something called a warm gray, and it’s likely that grays will be blended into warmer colors through processes like blurring, which require a pronounced contrast to get the best effect.

Are you ready to kick off this spring? The new color schemes and popular shades are a huge change from last year’s cool, hard ones. The best look this season will dispel the end of winter and prepare the fashion scene for spring. Are you ready to bring your hair into the world of contouring with ellipting style? What’s your chance to chase the stars and use a vibrant color palette?