Tutorial paint nail with Gel Uv

For nail salon, create perfect gel nails with Alfalfa’s Geluv Soak Off Gel- Polish. Your clients will love the high-gloss finish and Geluv comes in a wide range of colors to match any client’s style. They feel happy with new nail.


1. Sanitize the client’s hands and nail beds. Push back cuticles and shape the nails. Buff the nail bed with a buffing band or fine buffing file, and dust with a manicure brush and clean the nails with alcohol and lint-free wipes.


2. Apply Geluv Soak Off Base Gel in a thin application and seal the edges and cure under the Geluv Hi-Power LED light for 10 seconds.


3. Apply your choice of Geluv Soak Off Color Gel-Polish in a thin application and seal the edges and cure for 10 seconds. Repeat for darker coverage.


4. Apply Geluv Soak Off Top Gel in a thin application and seal the edges of the nail and cure for 10 seconds. Wipe off the tacky residue with alcohol and lint-free wipes to achieve a high-gloss finish.


5. To remove, gently file the surface of the gel top coat to break the seal.


6. Place a cotton ball saturated with Remover over the nail, and secure with Gel-Off remover clips.


7. Leave on for 10 minutes.


8. Take off the clips and cotton ball and gently remove the gel with a manicure stick. Use the Geluv buffer and lightly buff the surface of the nail to remove any remaining residue. Sanitize the nails with alcohol using lint-free wipes and finish with cuticle oil.

Nail salon with all nail tools, ex : pedicure chair, nail chair, nail tub… will help your Salon become professional.