Used pedicure chairs – Buy or not: which one is the best option?

Used pedicure chairs

This blog will lead you to act wise, when you have considered all the sides of used pedicure chairs and new pedicure chairs. As an intelligent shopper, you might want to weigh all possibilities before making up your mind. And here is the right place to turn to as to whether you should buy a brand new instead of used pedicure chairs. First, please check these pedicure chairs at whole sale price which are of Great quality, comfortable and come with different important features.

We will go through an analysis of price, features and performance of the used pedicure chairs Glass Bowl Pedicure Chair Spa magnetic jet   : US $1,399.00 Used pedicure chairs and the new pedicure chairs: Glass Bowl Pedicure Chair Spa magnetic jet ranging from US $1,800.00 to $3000.00.

Analysis of Used Pedicure Chairs – Price, Features, and Performance: Used pedicure chairs are obviously cheaper than new pedicure chairs, even if they are high-tech used pedicure chairs or not. However, the features of used pedicure chairs are not fully listed on the website, giving shoppers a little chance of considering their buying options. And moreover, with no information on products warranty, putting shoppers at high-risk of getting bad used pedicure chairs.

Most used pedicure chairs sellers put a fee upon shipping the items. Every other item you need to have together with the used pedicure chairs, they ask you to pay more money. Let’s take the used pedicure chairs above as an example. The price of the used pedicure chairs is US $1,399.00. If you ask to ship to your business address, you will have to pay another $169.99. If you want residential address, you pay extra $85. If you want a drain pump, you pay $150 extra. If you want a pedicurist stool, you pay $65 extra. Add all these fees together, you will have to pay US $1.879.00. In this case, we recommend going with the affordable pedicure chair package deal. You now obviously want to buy a brand new pedicure chairs instead of used pedicure chairs. Why? Because the new ones cost you less than used pedicure chairs, free shipping, with the same features, and even better. However, another great option: we can also to go with the package deal.

With used pedicure chairs, you have limited choice upon colors of the seats. With new pedicure chairs, you are free to choose which color suits your taste, or your salon best. As you are second, third, or maybe fourth owner, you do not know what might have happened to the used pedicure chairs if you buy them. With new pedicure chairs, all the features are listed, hence, you have all information needed to weigh your different choices. So now, if you are an intelligent shopper, you might already know whether you should use pedicure chairs for your salon or not. The best choice is to go with a Brand new pedicure chair or the package deal.