What really drives the spa industry ?

What Really Drives the Spa Industry

Some spa-goers will do just about anything to achieve healthy and radiant skin. In fact, it is shocking to see the lengths they will go and the prices they will pay for the sake looking younger. You have only to look at a few of the seemingly crazy facials turning up on treatment menus to wonder if it is all just part of some marketing ploy. However, you can also save money by doing it yourself: we recommend for both spa owners and customers the  facial steamer at whole sale price, which  softens, re-hydrates, and rejuvenates the outer layers of the skin .Stimulating the skin blood circulation. This facial steamer allows the skin to look refreshed.

In addition, as we exhibited in hair and beauty shows, besides taking care of their skin. The spa-goers love using massage table/facial bed. we realized that most salons were trying to give a massage on the narrow using the FB806 facial bed: This facial bed has thick foam footrest, seat and backrest cushions. Its lightweight design provides all the comforts of a large bed but also provide complete flexibility. It features a face cut-out pillow and fully removable armrest. The back of the chair is adjustable upward for customer comfort, and the footrest is adjustable downward. This is ideal for facials, skin care, massage etc… In 1992, this led to the development of the first multi-purpose, four-panel table. This combination massage/facial table was well-received by end-users and the competition.  Today, American-made, four-panel, multiuse tables are the industry standard, offered by most of the U.S. table manufacturers.

The growth of the spa industry is also affecting other business. For instance, large hotel chains are undertaking major renovations to update their spas, to meet the needs of their customers. These additions include Vichy showers; steam, sauna, and multipurpose rooms for massage and facials. Many hotels are adding spas for the first time, like for example; when a fine hotel such as Hilton does a complete remodel and adds a 30,000 square-foot spa; the Marriott across the street will have to do the same to keep up. By the way, this is great for the whole economy – from design and construction, to equipment, products, and jobs for spa professionals.

Besides from using facial steamer and massage table/facial bed. The most revolutionary development in the spa industry is the arrival of credible therapeutic massage. It helped the spa industry grows into the $10 billion industry it is today .Both business owners and customers are interesting in having a massage chair. For instance, the affordable Comfort Massage Chair System found at whole sale price is considered the ultimate massage chair .It relaxes you from your head to your toes… including fingertips. Using the best components, the Dream Chair provides multiple massage sessions, relaxing every part of your body and providing you with a truly unique wellness experience.

In conclusion, there is no right or wrong choices when it comes to the spa. Whichever product or system you choose to use. Benefits will arise: either you choose to have a facial at home or at the spa or a massage etc.. These services are growing among consumers and will never stop. Solely because people love to feel good and get pampered. And the Spa is the best place to go and relax and rejuvenate not only your skin but also your spirit and makes you feel good. If you asked us, it is a great industry to invest in.