How to Apply Nail Polish Evenly

Get a fab, professional-looking manicure at home by following a few simple guidelines and taking time to consider your color options. Remember, it’s all about the process when it comes to making your mani-pedis last longer. Always start with clean, buffed nails before applying any color of nail polish, whether you’re going with a classic finish,something trendy or  a print.

Beautiful colourful Nail Polish
Beautiful colourful Nail Polish

Things You’ll Need for a Nail Polish:

  • Cotton balls or pads
  •  Nail polish remover
  • Clear base coat
  • Colored nail polish
  • Clear topcoat
  •  Orange stick

Instructions for Applying Nail polish evenly

1Make sure to wipe away all traces of old nail polish with a cotton ball or pad soaked in nail polish remover before applying a fresh coat of color. Even if the only product you have on your nails is clear polish, this will prevent your colored nail polish from going on evenly if it is old and chipped.2Lay down a clear base coat on your nails once they are clean and dry. A base coat will help your colored nail polish go on smoothly and evenly.


Roll your bottle of colored nail polish in between your hands to mix the polish thoroughly. Do not shake the bottle, as this will create air bubbles that will affect the quality of the polish. Unscrew the bottle of polish, wiping the excess product on the brush off on the opening of the bottle so that it trickles back inside. Swipe a stripe of polish down the middle of your nail from cuticle to tip before following it with color on either side. This guarantees that your nails have more polish in the center rather than on the sides, where the product can pool and roll off of your nails onto your skin. Begin your nail polish application with your smallest finger, saving your thumb for last instead of following the reverse order. This lessens the odds of you accidentally leaning on or rubbing polish off of a wet nail. For a manicure, prop both hands on a table or countertop if you have unsteady hands; for a pedicure, rest your hand on the floor by your foot instead of hovering over it.


Repeat Step 3 to give your nails a second coat of polish. This will even out your application so that any areas that appear to be needing more polish are covered up.

Allow your nails to dry, or at least let a half hour go by before applying a protective clear top coat on all your nails. Aside from making your nail polish last longer, a clear top coat also helps the colored polish settle smoothly on your nails. Any mild grooves or unevenness in application will disappear once the top coat spreads over your nail. Once your nails have dried completely, clean up any messes by tightly wrapping a piece of cotton around the tip of an orange stick. Dip the cotton-covered tip into nail polish remover and go over any spots of nail polish on your skin for nails that appear to be flawlessly polished.

Facebook Nail Polish
Facebook Nail Polish


  • Prolong the life of your nail polishes by keeping your bottles in the refrigerator.